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Orangutans of Borneo

Indonesia is home to one of the world’s most fascinating land animals: the wild Orangutans of Borneo.

Hard to spot between the thousands of trees in the rainforest, a houseboat offers the perfect opportunity for wildlife lovers to catch a glimpse of one of the world’s most precious wild animals.

Siladen Resort & Spa

Siladen 014 Beach View VIlla opt

The romantic Siladen Resort is located on a lush tropical island next to the Bunaken Marine Park in Manado, North Sulawesi. Not only is Bunaken diving superb, but there’s a great house reef.

Selayar Dive Resort

4960Selayar UW 61 Kopie

Founded by a man with just a backpack and a compressor, the story of the first resort in South Sulawesi is as impressive as the nature that surrounds it, both underwater as on land.

Savu South Alor

R4D Jetty Ext1 opt

Described as ‘the blue garden of Eden’, Savu South Alor is a tropical hideaway surrounded by white sand, volcanic rock and turquoise waters. A blue escape where luxury meets untouched nature.

Sorido Bay Resort

Indonesia Sorido Bay7 opt

Sorido Bay Resort & “sister” resort, Kri Eco, located on the same island, are for those travellers interested in the opportunity to experience total escape … and the legendary diving at Cape Kri.

Tasik Ria Resort & Spa

Tasik Ria Seaview Twin 03 opt

Roughly 30 minutes from Manado, Sulawesi, is the family owned & run Tasik Ria Resort & Spa. Bunaken National is only a 45 min boat ride away, you know that you will have excellent diving.

Thalassa Dive Resort

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The Thalassa Dive Resort is situated in a huge & lush garden, placed perfectly for Lembeh Strait diving as well as diving at Bunaken Island National Park. The dive team offers wide-ranging options.

Wakatobi Resort

Wakatobi Bungalows reg opt

Elegant & luxurious, in a remote paradise in south Sulawesi, Wakatobi is beloved for many reasons by amateur & professional divers alike, not the least of which is its superb house reef.


R4D Jetty Ext1 opt

On a beautiful island in Raja Ampat, called Pulau Pef, well off the beaten track, is Raja4Divers. The remote, jungle-clad island has no inhabitants other than the residents of Raja4Divers.

Raja Ampat Dive Lodge

Raja Ampat Dive Lodge room double bed opt

Raja Ampat Dive Lodge, located at the heart of the spectacular diving in northern Raja Ampat, is part of the Grand Komodo Fleet. Why not consider both liveaboard & land-based diving in one trip?