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Savu South Alor

Described as ‘the blue garden of Eden’, Savu South Alor is a tropical hideaway surrounded by white sand, volcanic rock and turquoise waters. A blue escape where luxury meets untouched nature.

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Barefoot Luxury

Savu South Alor is a breathtaking resort west of Timor-Leste. Miles away from civilization, this gateway to the Savu Sea is a place to dream away while marveling at the ocean wonders Indonesia is home to. This place is not just one of esthetical pleasure, it also embedded in a sustainability culture that respects the world’s resources.

Stunning Accommodation

The resort comprises out of seven spacious rooms which are integrated into the natural surroundings of the island. All rooms are equipped with decoration made out of local materials and offer all facilities to ensure a worriless stay.

There are five beach cottages that feature a queen size bed, a daybed as well as a working desk. From your cottage bedroom, you’ll directly stare into the open ocean. Outside, each of the cottage has a private ‘bale’ with an outdoor shower in the middle of a tropical garden. Descending down to the beach, two sunbeds and a parasol gracefully blend into the scene.

Like the beach cottages, the cliff villas offer a panoramic view over the Savu Sea. Each villa has its own private plunge pool, allowing guests to wind down in a peaceful and private environment. Located a bit higher than the beach cottages, these spacious villas offer the perfect opportunity to spot whales and dolphins passing by under the sapphire Indonesian sunsets.

Pristine Diving and Snorkeling

The house reefs around Savu Alor Resort offer incredible underwater encounters. The luxurious catamaran of the resort takes snorkelers to corners where colorful fish are hunting for fresh prey and shallow coral reefs flourish. Experienced snorkel guides will point out the diverse marine life from corals to nudibranchs, turtles and numerous species of fish.

For those who love to ascend a bit deeper, the gentle currents around the steep walls of the Savu Sea offer a true underwater spectacle for scuba divers. From bottom dwellers to large pelagic animals and marine mammals, the diversity is truly spectacular. Small groups of divers will be dropped at speedboats to the pristine and untouched coral reefs of South Alor, located in the heart of the infamous Coral Triangle. The underwater structures that can be found here are of all sorts: overhangs, caves as well as unique coral formations form a dynamic scenery.

A comfy 48ft catamaran offers the perfect marine base to go out and look for cetaceans that roam these waters: blue whales, sperm whales, melon headed whales but also different times of dolphins are common here. If conditions are absolutely perfect and the animals allow it, even underwater encounters with these giants are possible! The resort is adamant on collecting scientific data during these encounters, to help safeguard the species survival and conservation.

Sustainable Comfort

Savu South Alor is not different because its unique ability to combine nature and luxury, as a product of its time it is run on principles of sustainability and self-sufficiency. The resort is fully solar-powered and has its own deep wells and large organic food farm that is harvesting based on permaculture principles. The menu of Savu South Alor is heavily based on these locally grown fruits and vegetables, as the local chefs offer a fusion of traditional Indonesian with Western cuisine. Combining modern comforts in a sustainable way is something the founders of the resort are fittingly proud of.

Please note: The resort is open from April to early December due to the rainy season and weather conditions!

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