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Through a lifetime of advising clients on dive travel, we have build up extensive knowledge on diving destinations.

Our Destination Catalogue is a summari-sed testament of our impressions of each region: what can a diver find there and what is particularly memorable?

On top of wildlife info, every destination has an overview of top tier liveaboards handpicked by us.

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Antarctic Magnificent Iceberg


Spoil Sport is a custom designed diving vessel accomodating up to 29 guests. At 30-meters (100-feet) she has a twin hull design, with maximized stability and comfort.
Australia fan Sergeants opt


A vast expanse of scuba diving sites from tame to treacherous. The experienced diver can find walls, channels, drift dives, big fish, critters & pelagics in awesome variety.
Bahamas tiger sparkling sand


On the wild side, there's blood-pumping Bimini (hammerheads & bull sharks). At Tiger Beach, Tiger & Lemon Sharks. The flip side? Corals & dolphins. Pure joy.

Sea Of Cortez & Baja

A playground for mischievous sea lions. Home to whale sharks, dolphins, turtles, sting rays, schools of jacks. Plus, you get the visitng whales, orcas & mobulas ! Fun for all.

Cocos Island

High-voltage, adrenaline-pumping action. Thousands of the most sensational animals in the oceans. Cocos Island ... the Jurassic Park of Diving. Not for the faint of heart.
Caribbean iguana cliff resort sea shutterstock 656787670 opt


Warm weather, rainbow corals, white-sand beaches, plentiful reef fish ... and energizing visits with sailfish or whale sharks of Isla Mujeres & the Cenotes of the Yucatan.


Unparalleled bio-diversity. A photographer's dream. Critters that defy the imagination. Corals in every hue of the rainbow. Mantas & whale sharks, too. That's Indonesia.
Fiji Coral Macro

Fiji Islands

Renowned for the warmth of her people, Fiji is known to divers as the Soft Coral Capital of the world. She delights equally with her critters & pelagic animals.

French Polynesia

Beauty & romance ? Yes ! But, also high-class adventure. Raging currents, thrilling channels, elbow-to-elbow drifts with sharks, huge schools of fish. Daily fare for diving here.


Galapagos never loses its allure. Play with Penguins. Frolic with Sea Lions. Swim with Turtles. Compare your diving skills to those of a giant Whale Shark. Experience the Magic !


Borneo. The name conjures up wild jungles & astonishing wildlife. Sipadan Island is legendary for its world class diving. And, there are critter havens at Mabul & Kapalai.


Galapagos never loses its allure. Play with Penguins. Frolic with Sea Lions. Swim with Turtles. Compare your diving skills to those of a giant Whale Shark. Experience the Magic !


Wild, spectacular, intoxicating Malpelo. Renowned for its abundance of schooling sharks & pelagic encounters, this is a "must do" destination for every adventurous diver.


Manta rays, whale sharks, dolphins, abundant reef fish, macro critters, Mola Mola, mobulas, sharks, plus a group of resident humpback whales in the south.

Palau & Yap

Big Animal action in Palau. Mantas & Critters in Yap. Ultimate Wreck Diving at Truk Lagoon. Micronesia ranks high on a serious diver's list of the top destinations.

Papua New Guinea

Macro minutia to pelagic power. Ghost pipefish, rhinopias, sharks, corals A diver's Holy Grail. Diving like you've never seen before. Culture like you'll never see again.


Walls & drift dives, "muck" & "critters", macro & wide-angle photos (including plenty of shark shots). Immense bio-diversity makes this destination alluring for all serious divers.

Red Sea

An underwater habitat as awesome as the cradles of civilization on land. Your 1st or your 1000th dive, the walls, wrecks, hammerhead schools, fiery corals will enchant you.

Socorro / Guadalupe

Once in a lifetime diving. Maximum exposure to Pelagic Wonderland at Socorro: mantas, sharks, even humpback whales & their calves. Cage-diving with Great Whites at Guadalupe.

Solomon Islands

Remote, breathtakingly beautiful islands with culture nearly unchanged for centuries. Underwater, a broad spectrum of images: critters, corals, sharks, mantas, wrecks !

Southern Africa

Cage-diving with Great Whites, encounters with tiger sharks, whale sharks & mantas. Awe-inspiring predators on land & in the sea. After diving, why not add a wildlife safari?

Sri Lanka

First a fabulous safari, some of the best elephant viewing anywhere. Add a day-trip to swim with whales & in a hop, skip and in a jump you're in the Maldives or Red Sea.

Thailand & Burma

Rich, colorful corals & big animal attractions in the Similan Islands, shark action at the Burma Banks. Divers return again & again for these plus a glimpse of Thai culture.

Truk & Bikini Atoll

The planet's Ultimate Wreck Diving ? The two destinations which meet this criteria are Truk Lagoon (in Chuuk State, Micronesia) and Bikini Atoll (in the Marshall Islands).


Tropical islands, white sand beaches, clear water, the haunting WWII wreck of a luxury-liner-turned-troop-carrier. Add in grottoes, overhangs, canyons & caves. An excellent mix.

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