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Welcome to Dive Advice Travel

your gateway to personalized dive odysseys & the most enchanting dive destinations on the planet

Our scuba adventures take you from polar majesty to tropical splendor ... from macro critters to ocean giants  ...  from sumptuous corals to haunting wrecks

Our advice is based on first-hand, personal diving experience ... and we offer ONLY the best of our industry’s liveaboards & resorts

We´re truly passionate about bringing you the world's finest diving and we genuinely look forward to helping you plan your next adventure

Always at your service,  Dominick Macan

owner & your personal consultant


Our Special Expeditions

Take a peek at our sumptuous selection of special expeditions ... every one an unparallelled adventure
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dive advice travelWhy choose Dive Advice Travel ?

Whether you’re new to diving or a diving pro, you’re looking for the best & most up-to-date information to help with planning your next adventure.

It’s a genuine pleasure for us to be able to share with you our knowledge, which is based on years of experience in the diving world.   We're pleased to offer our personal insights for each carefully chosen destination, boat and resort.

Working in partnership with Amazing Adventures Travel in California and with a growing network of dive specialists from around the world, we are able to offer the widest choice of available dates in the industry.  

We always offer the lowest rates that conform with industry standards and the highest quality service.  Our mission is to ensure that every trip is unique and suits you & your travel preferences.

So, welcome to Dive Advice Travel.   We hope you’ll enjoy a tour of the website and will contact us to let us know how we can help you to create a diving odyssey filled with adventure!

Always at your service,
Dominick Macan

What our clients say

"Dear Dom.  On our way home now, writing from Quito airport. Incredible trip, scads of whale sharks, schooling hammerheads, and molas! Boat is great. Thanks for making this all happen!  Speak when we're home. " 

Stephane & Alexa  ...  Geneva

"A big hello from happy campers.  Want to say a big round of thanks to everyone there who helped organized our trip to Indonedia.   And, allow me to add our thanks for taking such good care of Mitch & Lana on their extended travels.  They were just gushing when telling us what a good time they had!."

Dana & Holger ... Springfield

"Hi Dom,  Arrived yesterday in LA from Tahiti. This was great trip - thank you for putting all things together!!  You will be laughing – in the end Fakarava was the best part of the trip.  Yes, I know.  I didn’t want to go there … but it was absolutely amazing diving, perfect weather and lovely atmosphere.  Thanks for “making” me go!"

Dina ... Los Angeles

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