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Wreck & Tech Diving

On this page we bring you special tech diving trips we know about … as well as a list of liveaboards & resorts currently offering technical diving & support. Every operator on the list provides the high standard of safety you’re seeking.

Your Dive Liveaboard

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Technical & Re-breather Support

Re-breather & Technical Diving

List of operators we trust to provide
top-notch technical & rebreather support

Choosing the right operator to support your re-breather or technical diving is as important as choosing the equipment itself. You'll find here a list of operators, across a wide variety of destinations, in whom we have total confidence.
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Lamentable History

Radiant Bikini Atoll

mythical diving
a few spaces in 2025 & more in 2026

Located in the remote Republic of the Marshall Islands near Micronesia, Bikini Atoll is one of the most famous places in the world for wreck diving. You'll dive the haunting fleet of wrecks surrounded by idyllic emerald-green coral atolls, and the crystal-blue waters of the Pacific.
truk master ext opt

Focous On Wrecks

Solomons Wreck Weeks

aboard Solomons Master
trips available 2025 & 2026

Solomons Master added an alluring option to its itineraries which offers a look at some of the best of the WWII wrecks in the Solomons. The yacht has a dedicated camera set-up and charging station with plenty of additional storage for all your extra lenses, strobes and batteries ... plus re-breather support.
truk master ext opt

A Japanese Pearl Harbor

Haunting Truk Lagoon

April & May each year
Bahamas Master + land programs

Truk Lagoon lies on the eastern end of Micronesia and far to the south of Japan, whose WWII fleet found shelter here. An attack by the allies left the Japanese fleet in ruins and formed the basis of a wreck diving experience amongst the most stirring in the world.

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