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Solomons Master added an alluring option to its itineraries which offers a look at some of the best of the WWII wrecks in the Solomons. The yacht has a dedicated camera set-up and charging station with plenty of additional storage for all your extra lenses, strobes and batteries ... plus re-breather support.

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Solomon Islands Wreck Diving Week

Besides being renowned as a pristine dive destination with flourishing marine life, the Solomon Islands were the setting for some of the most intense battles of WWII due to its strategic location near Australia. Beginning in 1942 with the Japanese invasion of Guadalcanal, and the Allied response with the Battle of Guadacanal (codename Operation Watchtower) throughout 1943, the Solomon Islands Campaign was a major strategy of the Pacific War of WWII. This was the first major offensive by the Allied forces against the Empire of Japan, and is considered a major turning point, along with the Battle of Midway, of the Pacific War.

WWII Wrecks Weeks include some of the best wrecks of the Russell Islands, Florida Islands, and around Honiara. Wrecks on this itinerary are all within recreational limits and there will often be two or more dives on a single site, providing time to properly explore the wrecks. A significant number of Japanese and Allied Forces’ ships and planes ended up on the bottom of the Iron Bottom Sound near Honiara during WWII. Encrusted in corals and surrounded by a plethora of marine life,This 7 night liveaboard adventure allows up to 22 dives including several night dives (depending on conditions).

Dates, Rates, And Dive Site Descriptions

Tech divers will find on board all the necessary diving facilities and equipment to explore the WWII wrecks of the Solomons. You can see dates and rates through 2023 as well as some diving highlights

DATES :(subject to availability)
26 November – 3 December 2025
30 November – 7 December 205
5 – 12 February 2026
12-19 March 2026
27 July – 3 August 2026


Getting there and away: The Solomons PNG Master embarks and disembarks for wreck week cruises in Honiara. Book your international flight into and out of Honiara International Airport (HIR). A representative will meet you at the airport. Embarkation time is 18:00; disembarkation at the end of the cruise will be 09:00am. International flights are possible to most destinations on the day of disembarkation but please ensure you allow plenty of time for transfers and check in.


White Beach (Russell Islands) – This location was home to a major American supply base during WWII. At the end of the war, an artificial reef was created by dumping trucks, jeeps, tractors, bulldozers and large amounts of ammunition.

WWII Wrecks:

Tulagi (Florida Islands) – The Japanese Mavis Seaplane that sunk during one of the battles in WWII. In general, the Florida Islands are known for some of the most amazing WWII history wreck dives; the heavy cruiser USS Minneapolis and minesweeper/submarine chaser RNZN Moa.

Around Honiara – Three Japanese ships (2 cargo ships and an attack transport vessel) ended up on the beach, after which they were called: Bonegi I, II and III. The Japanese I-1 Submarine played a role in the Pearl Harbour attack before being moved to the South Pacific. She was damaged and forced to the reef by RNZN Moa in 1943. An exciting small wreck is the Flying Fortress, a B-17 airplane.

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The sturdy Solomons Master (formerly the Truk Master) takes a maximum of 16 divers to experience the wonders of Bikini Atoll and the Solomons.

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