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Truk Odyssey

The 126-foot Truk Odyssey started life as a small cruise ship in Fiji. She'll take you in style & grand comfort to world class diving - Truk's finest wreck sites & the best of Truk Lagoon's diving.

“Simply outstanding. The Odyssey absolutely figures on my list of the world’s top 10 dive liveaboards. Incredible crew. Classic style. Space & comfort. All the tech back-up you need. For me, there’s just no finer way to explore the wonders of Chuuk Lagoon.” … Dominick Macan

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On Board Truk Odyssey

2 main deck SINGLE cabins
one single bed … for single travelers
2 main deck TWIN / DOUBLE cabins
1 king bed or two twin beds
5 lower deck TWIN / DOUBLE cabins
1 king bed or two twin beds

All are en-suite, have individual climate control, televisions with DVD players and either windows or large portholes.

diving from the swim platform on the boat
flexible diving hours …. not everyone dives at the same time
nitrox is available
tanks (alum 80 and steel 108) with either din or yoke valves
rebreather support available

TECHNICAL DIVING: mixes up to 100% oxygen available; use of doubles with dual valve isolation manifolds; (DIN or yoke); use of 30 cu. foot pony bottles

accommodation & diving
meals, snacks & non-alcoholic beverages
beer & wine are also included
compressed air, tanks, weights & weight belts
transfers to & from the vessel

rebreather support (please request in advance)
departure taxes, 5% sales tax, government diving permit
equipment rental & dive courses (please request in advance)
optional land tour on departure day

Style & Quality With A Tech-savvy Crew

Truk Odyssey offers serious wreck divers everything they want & require … and possibly even more. Since her refit in 2018, she’s looking a bit smarter but all her substantial quality-diving advantages remain the same. Starting at the top of the ship, the upper deck features a good-sized, partially covered sun deck with lounge chairs and deck chairs. Just inside is the galley and large restaurant and well-stocked bar with a long line of picture windows on both sides. This is undoubted the most striking room on the Odyssey, with its attractive Fijian teak tables and the beautiful full-service wet bar which is made of coconut wood. (After coconut trees fall, the wood is collected, treated and used to make gorgeous furniture.) Four of the cabins are also on this deck.

Downstairs on the main deck is the super-sized lounge with full entertainment system and hundreds of movies and loads of music to choose from, plus plenty of games. To the aft of the lounge is the spacious dive deck with everything you need for scuba, rebreather and technical diving. Five additional cabins are located on the lower deck.

Meals are generally served buffet style and they get great reviews. Snacks are always available after dives.

Travel & Cruise Logistics

Your international flights should be booked to Chuuk International Airport(TKK). Most flights to Chuuk require transit via Hawaii or Guam. Guests are greeted at the airport by an Odyssey crew member. Transfers to and from the airport are included in the price at the beginning and end of the scheduled charter for those arriving and departing on charter schedule.

Boarding time on Saturday begins at 5 PM and continues through the night for later arriving flights. If you have enjoyed a night or more at a hotel you will be contacted by someone from the staff to confirm transfer arrangements and timings. At the end of their trip you will be transferred back to the hotel or to the airport as appropriate.

Layout & Specs

Deck & cabin layout here, the yacht specifications, the equipment & safety features
truk odyssey deck plan


Year originally built: 1978
Last refit: 2018

Length: 132 feet (40 m)
Beam: 24 feet (7.31 m)
Draft: 6 feet (1.8 m)
Type: All welded steel, twin screw
Engines: 2 x Detroit Diesel 330 h.p. each
Cruise range: 1200 nautical miles
Speed: 8 knots

Fresh water storage: 7,700 gallons (29,520 litres)
Water maker: 2 x Echo-Tec Marine 1800 gallons/day each
Fuel capacity: 2,400 gallons


Generators: 3 x Perkins/Stamford 100 kw, 80 kw & 40 kw
Compressors: 2 x Mako 13.1 CFM 5000 PSI


2 x Furuno Radar (24 nautical miles)
GMDSS equipped for Sea Area A3
2 x VHF Radio
Garmin GPS, Furuno GPS
Furuno Depth Sounder
Comnav Autopilot
Iridium Open Port Satellite phone


25 foot custom aluminum with twin 200 Yamaha four stroke outboards
18 foot fiberglass with 40 hp Yamaha outboard


6 x 80 cubic foot aluminum scuba and Nitrox cylinders, DIN or yoke valves
16 x 100 cubic foot steel tanks, DIN or yoke valves
Storage banks for 7100 cubic feet
Nitrox Membrane System


12 x double aluminum 80s with dual valve isolation manifolds, DIN or yoke
26 x 30 cubic foot aluminum pony bottles
6 sets x 2L steel Faber rebreather tanks with inline valves
6 sets x 3L steel Faber rebreather tanks with inline valves
Deco bar
Diver lift


Liferings, life jackets, fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, fire alarms, and fire fighting suit.
Liferafts: 1 x 25 persons RFD Survive inflatables



Since most of the dive sites in Truk Lagoon are fairly close to each other, it is easy for Odyssey to move around. One of the parts about diving aboard Odyssey is that they don’t require everyone to dive at the same time, so you and your dive buddy might be the only divers on a 500′ wreck.  For photographers, this offers more opportunities to shoot those popular scenes without having to wait for others to move out of the way.

Many of the wrecks are “Maru” or merchant vessels that had been left at anchor when the American attacks came.  A few had been fortified with anti-aircraft weapons and many carried important army supplies including Zero Fighter aircraft parts, tanks, torpedo shells, trucks and road supplies.  Bottles, cooking utensils, items from everyday life and personal artifacts can be found in several of the wrecks.

Fujikawa Maru – Immensely popular & easily accessible wreck, originally designed to carry both cargo & passengers, divers can penetrate the superstructure to see the remains of parts which were being transported …. tanks, propellers, wheels, artillery shells & torpedos. You can see also visit the engine room, staterooms, and galley. Good corals, lots of fish, great photo ops.

Emily Flying Boat – This huge fighting plane was armed with machine guns, canons and bombs. After being hit by the Americans, the plane managed to fly to Truk, although several important Japanese officers on board had been killed. The pilot crash landed and a few of the crew survived. The impressive wreck is amongst the most popular in Truk for photographers.

Nippo Maru – This is a wreck which nearly every wreck diver dreams of visiting. Another favorite for photographers, the helm & telegraphs make startling subjects. You’ll also find a load of weapons & artillery, mines, gas-masks, shoes and more in the holds … trucks & a tank … Howitzers & an anti-aircraft gun on the deck

Amagisan Maru – Another ship originally used for both passengers & cargo, the Amagisan Maru offers a big photographic gun on her bow & one at the stern, plus aircraft parts, trucks and a car the hold. There’s also a tanker truck just at her side.

San Francisco Maru – Pre-requiaition by the Japanese Navy, the San Francisco Maru carried passengers and cargo of minerals & coal. The haunting gun on the bow of the ship is one of Truk’s most photographed. The San Francisco also features several trucks & armored tanks, the usual artillery, torpedoes and bombs … along with airplane parts


Fujikawa Maru Lush coral growth. Zero airplane fuselages and wing sections.

Yamagiri Maru 18″ diameter artillery shells of Battleship Musashi.

Nippo Maru 2 man tank and artillery guns on deck. Photogenic wheelhouse.

Heian Maru Torpedoes and submarine telescopes. Massive size.

Sankisan Maru Lush soft coral growth on mast. Machine gun ammunition in hold.

Hoki Maru Trucks, bulldozer and tractor in hold. Massive destruction of bow.

Unkai Maru Photogenic bow gun. Good coral growth on masts.

Rio de Janiero Maru Awesome size. Photogenic propellers. Large engine room.

Hanakawa Maru Lush soft and hard coral growth.

Fumitzuki Destroyer Bow and stern guns, torpedo launcher.

Betty Bomber Japanese small twin engine bomber.

Momokawa Maru Aircraft parts, truck frames and artillery shells.

Shinkoku Maru Lush coral growth. Fantastic marine life. Excellent engine room.

Aikoku Maru Massive destruction of bow. Photogenic stern gun.

San Francisco Maru Tanks on deck. Trucks, mines, bombs and ammunition in holds.

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