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The Pacific Master (currently Solomons PNG Master) is a 30-meter (98-foot) steel vessel with 12 cabins taking up to 20 guests. Mid-2022 she will move to Truk Lagoon & Bikini Atoll.

A word from Dom :  " A few changes in the Master Fleet which I think are good choices.  The Pacific Master (formerly the Solomons PNG Master) will serve Truk & Bikini . She can accommodate more divers at Truk than the former Truk Master & is also ideal for Bikini, offering everything that serious divers desire in those destinations, including great underwater photo support, tech diving and plenty of good food to keep your engines running." Dominick Macan


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    • 1 upper deck DOUBLE cabin
      double bed, sitting area & picture window
      4 upper deck DOUBLE / TWIN cabins
      double bed, twin bed (bunk style) & picture window
      1 upper deck TWIN cabin
      2 twin beds (bunk style) & picture window
      2 lower deck TWIN cabins
      2 twin beds, port windows & shared bathroom (on the dive deck)
      4 lower deck SINGLE cabins
      twin beds (bunk style) & shared bathroom (on the dive deck)

      All cabins have air conditioning & a storage area.  All uppper deck cabins are en-suite ... the 6 lower deck cabins share 5 bathrooms.

    • up to 4 dives per day
      12 liter alu tanks (DIN & INT valves)
      15 liter alu tanks (at extra cost)
      scuba gear rental (by advance request)
      temperatures generally range between 28-30°C ... 3 mm or 5 mm full length exposure suits are suitable

    • booster pumps
      2L and 3L CCR cylinder sets
      stage / bailout cylinders are available to rent
      Oxygen and CO2 absorbent
      (Molecular Products 797 Sofnolime)
      the scrubber is charged per full 4.5kg tub
      O2 is charged per fill

    • accommodation & diving
      meals, snacks & non-alcoholic beverages (except carbonated)
      compressed air, tanks, weights & weight belts
      airport transfers

    • international airfare
      carbonated & alcoholic beverages
      scuba rental gear (by advance request)
      15 liter tanks
      tech & re-breather support


    The Pacific Master is a massive 4-deck liveaboard with plenty of space for your non-diving hours.  The top sun deck is dedicated to relaxing in the sun, with lounge chairs ready & waiting ... while just below, on the upper deck, you can enjoy a large covered seating area.  The upper deck also houses 6 cabins, all with windows

    On the main deck, you'll find the super-sized interior, air-conditioned lounge/dining area which offers DVDs, large TV's and a dedicated camera area for photographers.  At the stern on this deck, is the dive deck which has freshwater showers & freshwater rinse bins for equipment.  The two ladders which access the dive platform provide easy access to and from the water and most dives are done from here with a tender in the water for additional safety.

    Located on the lower deck are six additional cabins, including four cabins for single divers.

    For photographers, the boat has dedicated camera preparation areas with plenty of charging points and large rinse tanks as well as storage drawers and a large plasma screen to view and share your photos and videos with your dive buddies.

    The chef offers local cuisine and recipes from an international menu.  Special dietary needs will be catered to with advance notice and within the limitations of what's available in this remote region.


    Deck & cabin layout, yacht specifications,  equipment & safety features .... open


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    Built: 2004 (refit:2015)
    Length: 30 metres
    Breadth: 8 metres
    Draft: 3 metres
    Construction: Steel
    Engines: 1800HP MTU
    2000v12 engine
    Cruising Speed: 11 knots
    Generators: 2 x 150kw
    Water maker
    Water Storage: 30 000 litres


    Captain: 1
    Chief Engineer: 1
    Second Engineer/deckhand 2
    Chefs: 2
    First Mate / Second Mate: 2
    Housekeeper: 1
    Night Watch: 1
    Dive Team: 3


    scuba equipment rental: additional charges apply
    12l Aluminium Tank
    15l Aluminium /Steel Tank: on request, additional charges apply
    Valve Fittings: DIN and INT
    Compressors: 3 x Bauer MIS
    Nitrox Bank System: Additional charges apply
    Re-breather friendly No Re-breather rental available
    Surface Marker Buoys 


    First Aid: Fully Stocked Kit
    Emergency Responders
    Emergency Oxygen
    Life jackets: 47
    Life Rafts: 2 x 25 person
    Life Rings: 4
    Radios: 2 x VHF
    1 x SSB
    4 x Handheld
    Smoke Detectors 

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    Itinerary and map for bikini atoll ..... open
    Due to the fact that Bikini's wrecks are only suited for extended range diving, there will be 2 technical dives offered per day.   You will be responsible for planning your own dives, with the assistance of the Cruise Director. For safety, the minimum surface interval between dives is 4 hours and it is mandatory to take an afternoon off mid-trip (optional land tour and beach BBQ will be offered instead of diving).

    Travel time between Ebeye Island and Bikini Atoll is 23-34 hours depending on conditions. It may be possible to dive the German heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen wreck near Kwajalein as a check dive before sailing overnight to Bikini Atoll.

    The number of wrecks you will dive will depend partly on weather ... and partly on the itinerary you choose.  There are 10-night, 11-night and 13-night itineraries on the schedule.  The crew will take you to as many of the following sites as time and conditions allow:

    USS Saratoga
    The signature dive of Bikini Lagoon is the USS Saratoga CV-3 Lexington-class aircraft carrier, one of only 3 diveable carriers in the world. At 270 meters (888ft) long and 29 meters (95ft) wide, this 39,000-ton warship rests in Bikini Lagoon at a depth of 52 meters. Her bridge is easily accessible at 18 meters depth, and her flight deck at 28 meters.
    HIJMS Nagato
    Launched in 1919 by the Imperial Japanese Navy, the Nagato was the lead ship in her class and often served as flagship during WWII and one of the most powerful and versatile warships in the world at that time.
    USS Arkansas
    An American dreadnought launched in 1911, measuring 171 meters (562 ft) long, armed with twelve 12-inch guns and capable of a top speed of 20.5 knots. The USS Arkansas served in both WWI and WWII; escorting convoys in the Atlantic and bombarding shore targets during the invasions of Normandy, Iwo Jima and Okinawa.
    USS Apogon
    A second submarine of the Balao-class that headed straight for Hawaii and the Marshall Islands after her launch in 1943 to patrol areas of the South Pacific and attack enemy ships. The Apogon lies completely intact at a depth of 48 meters with an average depth of 43 metres. Stern torpedo tubes as well as viewing binoculars on the bridge are still visible.
    USS Anderson
    The Sims-class destroyer launched in 1939 totaled 106 meters (348ft.) long by 11 meters (36ft) wide. She served at different locations in World War II; she participated in fighting battles in the Atlantic and the Pacific using her machine guns, anti-aircraft missiles and torpedoes, taking down many enemy aircraft.
    USS Lamson
    This Mahan-class destroyer was based in Pearl Harbor but avoided damage during the Japanese attack as she was returning to port from patrol duty when the airstrike occurred. With her length of 104 meters, she might not be the biggest of the Bikini wrecks but nevertheless very interesting to explore as she features several guns, torpedoes, bombs and generally provides good access to divers...
    Prinz Eugen - Kwajalein Atoll
    This German heavy cruiser was surrendered to the British Royal Navy who then gifted it to the US Navy as a war prize. She survived the blasts of Operation Crossroads, even though she was already damaged, and she was towed to Kwajalein where she ultimately capsized and sank to her final resting place in December 1946. 

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    Bikini Atoll trips are scheduled from May to October  The other months of the year, Pacific Master will operate at Truk Lagoon.

    Truk Lagoon

    The Bikini itinerary is built around the United Airlines flight from Honolulu, Hawaii that serves both Kwajalein and Majuro airports in the Marshall Islands. Depending on your itinerary, we highly recommend you use this Hawaii connection to get to and from Kwajalein and/or Majuro. Passengers travelling from the Marshall Islands are required to pay an airport departure tax, For Kwajalein this is currently $20US. This varies from airport to airport and must be paid in US dollars

    From the airport you are shuttled to a ferry that brings you to Ebeye Island in 20 minutes. From there you will embark the Truk Master between 3pm and 4pm, depending on flight schedules.  Disembarkation is also at Ebeye Island between 10:00 and 12:00, again depending on flight times. 

    As Kwajalein is US Army territory, it is a restricted area and visitors are not allowed outside of the airport. Upon arrival, travellers are taken to a holding area while their luggage is searched by sniffer dogs, and will remain there until the shuttle bus arrives to take guests to where the Army ferry departs for Ebeye Island.  Upon arrival at Ebeye a representative from Master Liveaboards will meet guests for transfer to the boat.

    At the time of writing, no visa is required for entering the Marshall Islands for US citizens, EU countries, Canada and most other Western countries. Nevertheless, it is imperative that you check for any updates and changes with their nearest Marshall Islands embassy or consulate as requirements evolve based on world politics and health concerns.



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