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Truk Lagoon lies on the eastern end of Micronesia and far to the south of Japan, whose WWII fleet found shelter here.  An attack by the allies left the Japanese fleet in ruins and formed the basis of a wreck diving experience amongst the most stirring in the world.


Peaceful Truk Lagoon was the ideal location for a safe haven … or, so the Japanese thought. The allied attack here was a virtual Pearl Harbor in reverse.  Today, far distant from the tragedy of war, divers experience the calm, tropical lagoon which offers easy access to the wrecks that provide a haunting reminder of the cruelty of war.

Many of the wrecks are “Maru”, Japanese merchant vessels that were at anchor in the lagoon when the Americans attacked.  Some had been fortified with anti-aircraft weapons and many carried important army supplies including Zero Fighter aircraft parts, tanks, torpedo shells, trucks and road supplies. Bottles, cooking utensils, items from everyday life and personal artifacts can be found in several of the wrecks, serving as a reminder to the visiting divers of those who lost their lives during the battle.

For your diving support you have 3 excellent options to choose from: the Truk Odyssey liveaboard is still regarded as one of the best anywhere in the world & has recently undergone some major work; the always popular Thorfinn is a long-popular option in the Lagoon; and the sturdy Pacific Master (which also takes divers to Bikini Atoll mid-year every year) has just moved from the Solomon Islands.



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Below you’ll find a summary of a few of the most sought-after wrecks.  You will dive as many of these as possible depending on the length of your cruise, the weather and sea conditions.

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Fujikawa Maru – Immensely popular & easily accessible wreck, originally designed to carry both cargo & passengers, divers can penetrate the superstructure to see the remains of parts which were being transported …. tanks, propellers, wheels, artillery shells & torpedos, Zero airplane fuselage & wings. You can see also visit the engine room, staterooms, and galley. Lush corals, lots of fish, great photo ops.

Emily Flying Boat – This huge fighting plane was armed with machine guns, canons and bombs. After being hit by the Americans, the plane managed to fly to Truk, although several important Japanese officers on board had been killed. The pilot crash landed and a few of the crew survived. The impressive wreck is amongst the most popular in Truk for photographers.

Nippo Maru – This is a wreck which nearly every wreck diver dreams of visiting. Another favorite for photographers, the helm & telegraphs make startling subjects. You’ll also find a load of weapons & artillery, mines, gas-masks, shoes and more in the holds … trucks & a 2-man tank … Howitzers & an anti-aircraft gun on the deck

Amagisan Maru – Another ship originally used for both passengers & cargo, the Amagisan Maru offers a big photographic gun on her bow & one at the stern, plus aircraft parts, trucks and a car the hold. There’s also a tanker truck just at her side.

San Francisco Maru – Pre-requisition by the Japanese Navy, the San Francisco Maru carried passengers and cargo of minerals & coal. The haunting gun on the bow of the ship is one of Truk’s most photographed. The San Francisco also features several trucks & armored tanks, the usual artillery, torpedoes and bombs … along with airplane parts


Yamagiri Maru 18″ diameter artillery shells of Battleship Musashi.

Heian Maru Torpedoes and submarine telescopes. Massive size.

Sankisan Maru Lush soft coral growth on mast. Machine gun ammunition in hold.

Hoki Maru Trucks, bulldozer and tractor in hold. Massive destruction of bow.

Unkai Maru Photogenic bow gun. Good coral growth on masts.

Rio de Janiero Maru Awesome size. Photogenic propellers. Large engine room.

Hanakawa Maru Lush soft and hard coral growth.

Fumitzuki Destroyer Bow and stern guns, torpedo launcher.

Betty Bomber Japanese small twin engine bomber.

Momokawa Maru Aircraft parts, truck frames and artillery shells.

Shinkoku Maru Lush coral growth. Fantastic marine life. Excellent engine room.

Aikoku Maru Massive destruction of bow. Photogenic stern gun.



Your international flights should be booked to Chuuk International Airport(TKK). Most flights to Chuuk require transit via Hawaii or Guam. Your liveaboard will provide transport to and from the airport at the beginning and end of the scheduled trip.  If you have enjoyed a night or more at a hotel you will be contacted by someone from the staff to confirm transfer arrangements and timings. At the end of their trip you will be transferred back to the hotel or to the airport as appropriate.

See TRUK FAQ for additional information.




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