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Thailand Anemonefish SoloRich, colorful corals & big animal attractions in the Similan Islands, shark action at the Burma Banks.  Divers return again & again for these plus a glimpse of Thai culture.

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1050 Thailand destination page 4 panel verticalsCreating visual excitement for divers are PINNACLES, TUNNELS, fantastic SWIM-THROUGHS, walls and slopes.  Add vividly colored CORAL GARDENS & coral bommies which attract schools of barracudas, giant trevally, NAPOLEON WRASSE, snappers, BLUE FIN TUNA, giant moray eels …  clown trigger fish, ANGELFISH, rabbit fish, cuttlefish  … plus some great CRITTERS: scorpion fish, frogfish, mantis shrimp, porcelain crabs, pipefish, cleaner shrimp, fire dart goby, popcorn shrimp.  With all that appetizing prey, you get leopard SHARKS, blue spotted STINGRAYS, MANTA RAYS, even WHALE SHARKS in season.


In Thailand, the hot spots for divers are the Similan and Surin Islands off the west coast of the peninsula.  They offer a geologic combination of granite and limestone.  The huge granite boulders and weathered limestone both create tunnels and caves and swim-throughs galore. 

There is access to pelagic action, great coral gardens and plenty of engaging critters.

Thailand is known for magnificent hard & soft corals lure exquisitely-colored fish into their gardens on the protected side of the islands. Then, in the strong currents on the open-water side, particularly at Richelieu Rock, the diving is vastly different.

These waters host a long list of big fish including barracudas, jacks, tuna and trevally and are graced by visits from migrating Whale Sharks and Manta Rays in the spring months.

The Burma Banks & the Mergui Archipelago also offer quite unusual underwater landscapes with exciting diving.

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{slider Thailand Andaman Sea Bright CoralsSIMILAN ISLANDS
Nine granite islands, covered in dense jungle & ringed by sandy bays, offer a sumptuous variety of diving for experienced divers in the strong currents of the eastern shores, and for all divers on the western sides.  You’ll find enormous granite boulders, descending down to 40 meters with swim-throughs, caves & tunnels.  The serious adrenaline rush comes in the strong currents created by the waters meeting these massive rocks. This challenging but rewarding experience offers colorful reef fish, sharks & rays but also eels and a variety of critters, such as ghost pipefish, frogfish and ribbon eels.   And, you’ll find sponges and gorgonians that will take you breath away  …  read more … |dest|closed}

Adding to the excitement, you’ll find that at the right time of the year you’re in one of top locations for whale sharks and manta rays.  Richelieu Rock, which is covered in soft corals, hosts a vast array of fish: Moorish idols, bearded scorpion fish, titan triggerfish and lionfish, crabs and nudibranchs to name just a few.

And as major food supply is not abundant in this sea, it’s quite natural that the pelagics would find their way here to fill their bellies. You’ll run into jacks and tuna and trevallies, rainbow runners, great barracuda, plus the delight of the mating cuttlefish in addition to whale sharks and manta rays.

Elephant Head is another favorite site with more boulders, swim-throughs with caverns, arches and grottoes to explore. Soft corals & hard corals abound, schools of yellowtail snappers and yellowtail fusiliers, imperial and emperor angelfish, leopard sharks.

{/sliders} {slider Thailand Manta at Wall 190BURMA BANKS & MERGUI ARCHIPELAGO
The islands themselves are pretty well uninhabited & untouristed. The four banks, Silvertip, Rainbow Reef, Roe and Big Banks, have raging currents which have cut ethereal oral underwater formations sporting incredibly large table corals.  A large tunnel runs right through western rocky island, which houses sleeping nurse sharks and countless crayfish. in addition to the nurse sharks, you almost certain to see bull sharks, grey reef sharks, black tips and white tips.  More of the same at Black Rock but adding to the wonder are scores of manta rays, marbled rays, Jenkins rays and the rare mangrove ray, schooling mobula rays and spotted eagle rays…. read more …|dest|closed}

Favorite dive sites are Black Rock, North Twin, South Twin, Three Islets, and Shark Cave which all include plenty of variety. From multiple species of sharks, pelagics, schooling fish & unusual macro life to caves, caverns, steep walls and rock covered with coral and fans, the wealth of aquatic life combined with clear water will please underwater photographers and marine naturalists.

{/sliders} {slider Andamans Mangroves 190 ANDAMAN ISLANDS
These Islands cover an area of just over 8,000 square kilometers with 500 islands, islets and rocky outcrops (only 26 islands are currently inhabited).  Many of the islands are surrounded by reefs which can be several hundred metres wide & separated from the shore by a lagoon of similar width.  There are also steeply sloping reef walls & coral pinnacles or knolls. Divers can cruise around hills of black volcanic lava and find large pelagics: sharks, large schools of hammerheads, grey, white tip, nurse and leopard sharks, silvertips and oceanic white-tips are sometimes seen. … read more …|dest|closed}

You’ll be fascinated by the cleaning stations where giant barracuda wait for their teeth to be cleaned. Enormous manta rays, bumphead parrotfish and napoleon wrasse are also often seen, sometimes by the dozens.

{/sliders} {slider Please note goldIMPORTANT NEW Similan Islands Requirements
Thailand has set very specific requirements for divers visiting the Similan Islands. This is due to the effort to manage the impact of tourism on the islands and their wildlife.  read more|dest|closed}

The National Park now dictates that a maximum of 525 divers may enter the Similan National Park each day. This means that liveaboard operators have to pre-purchase entry tickets from 60 days prior to a cruise departure.   If you already have a confirmed trip the following details will be required immediately.  I you are planning on booking a trip, they will be required upon confirmation of your booking:

Without these details the liveaboards reservations team will be unable to purchase an entry ticket for you. While travelling, you need to have your documents with you for inspection by park rangers or risk being barred from diving.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


globe th CopyLocated on the Indochina peninsula, bordered by Malaysia, Burma, Laos & Cambodia, is charming Thailand.   The Gulf of Thailand lies to the west & offers the best of Thailand’s diving around the Similan Islands, a group of 9 rocky islands which offer divers fascinating diving terrain.   India, a distant neighbor across the Andaman Sea, is often a starting point for trips into the northern & western parts of the Andaman Sea & to the Mergui Archipelago & Burma Banks.

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