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Tetamanu Village, located at the south end of Fakarava, is a charming guesthouse located only an hour and a half sail or a 45 minute flight from Rangiroa.

Simple …. and simply divine

Tetamanu Village Resort is situated in the old village of Tetamanu where the first church of Tuamotu was built – and in a UNESCO biosphere reserve.

6 overwater bungalows close to the pass of Tumakohua, with individual toilets and showers are all equipped with a double bed.

Tetamanu Diving Center is located at Tetamanu Village and has a 30′ boat equipped for diving and transfer.

The Tumakohua pass where Tetamanu Diving Center is located hosts multitudes of fish and sharks. There is a great drift dive which begins at the ocean side and moves towards the lagoon side. A depth of 20-30m enables you to discover the pass ecosystem: marble groupers, unicorn fish and napoleons and more swim above a background of pink coral.

In the pass, you will observe a cave where you find sharks like to hang out. This dive finishes in front of the restaurant next to the piles of the pension Tetamanu Village.

The Diving Center places at your disposal a boat to reach other fabulous diving sites where you’ll be captivated by the beauty and the richness of the underwater life and thrilled by your encounters with large predators.

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