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A few comments about our worldwide destinations from our clients from around the globe


Dear Dom, Tessa and I want to profoundly thank you for all the years (decades, actually!) of superb service you have provided us. We are now at a stage in our lives when our scuba diving will be limited. I would still like to go to Bali for a chance to dive with ocean sunfish (mola molas) but I recognize that that might not happen. We just didn’t want to “fade into the sunset” without expressing our sincere gratitude to you. Also, our thanks for providing a spectacular honeymoon for Barb & Perry.  It’s an experience they will never forget.   In the event we do not have the opportunity to travel with you in the future, thanks so much for your outstanding service! You provided us with some of the most special times of our lives.”  …  Karl & Tess ….  Syracuse, NY


“Dear Dom.  On our way home now, writing from Quito airport. Good trip, scads of whale sharks, schooling hammerheads, and molas! Boat is great. Thanks for making this all happen!  Totally awesome. ”  …  Stephane & Alexa  …  Geneva

“Hi Dom, Just a short feedback on my way home. The boat has by far exceeded all participants expectations and is not comparable with any ship/ trip I’ve ever done. An amazing boat crew and trip. The diving was the best anyone can imagine with Hammerheads, Galapagos sharks, Marine iguanas, Sealions, Silvertips, MolaMola, 14 Whalesharks and…..2 Orcas..just to name a few things. This trip could have lasted a lifetime, without any problem. Your planning was all perfection and we’re really glad we didn’t cut things too close re: airline arrivals & departures. Thanks for all your invaluable assistance.  I’ll be in touch about the next trip !”  …  Daniel  … Chicago


“To put it simply the first 3 days were slow and people were getting sceptical …. then, it was like dynamite blowing up. Incredible action. We had a whale shark dancing with us 40 min, we had 3 tigers all around for 3 dives at Manuelita, a whale at Alcion ….. and I do not mention tons of hammerheads and many other adventures. Great trip and amazing memories! Nothing could beat it !  Still, we want to go somewhere next year!  Ideas? ”  …  Leonora & Luis  …  Barcelona

“On our way back to Singapore. Cocos was fantastic. The Argo team are just brilliant. Diving mixed with weird currents and thermoclines. Got lucky on last day and saw hundreds of hammerheads at Alcyone but really saw EVERYTHING we came for. In all a great trip. So what next? Galapagos maybe ? Can you share your views on best boat?  We’ve heard Galapagos Sky but, of course, are looking for you input ! Thanks for all your help on Cocos. Let’s talk about next trip.”  …  Asher & Ben  … Singapore

South America

 “Thank you very much!!! Patagonia and Atacama are absolutely extraordinaire! Could have spent more days there but can’t do it all. Thank you very very much! Really appreciate your support all the time.”  … Patricia … Paris


“Just back within cellphone range, closing in on Bima from where we fly back to Bali. Our trip has been awesome. The boat is really nice and of course super new, staff super friendly and helpful, and the tour director/guide really knows his stuff, he knows all these sites very well. Food also amazing; not too Western nor too Indonesian – I think all people would enjoy. Will contact you with more soon.”  …  Romi & Ari  … Tel Aviv

“A big hello from happy campers just home from Indo.  Want to say a big round of thanks to everyone there who helped organize our trip.   And, allow me to add our thanks for taking such good care of our son & his wife on their extended travels!  They were just gushing when telling us what a good time they had!  For us … for them … it all went like clockwork.  Thanks again !”   … Dana & Holger … Springfield

French Polynesia

“Hi Dom,  Arrived yesterday in LA from Tahiti. This was great trip – thank you for putting all things together!!  You will be laughing – in the end Fakarava was the best part of the trip.  Yes, I know, I know.  I didn’t want to go there … you had to twist my arm!  But it was absolutely amazing diving, perfect weather and lovely atmosphere.  Thanks for “making” me go!”  …  Dina … Los Angeles

“Thank you for your kind email. The trip and the diving in French Polynesia was awesome; lots of sharks, a baby humpback whale and great interaction with dolphins in Rangiroa’s Tiputa pass.  I had my 1‘000th dive there.  I’m sure that I will go to French Polynesia again – maybe to the Marquesas (an archipelago that just looks very attractive and intriguing from what I hear). I am very happy if you keep me informed about special deals and interesting opportunities !   Dom, your service and assistance is just outstanding and I am very happy with you in any respect!  …  Gilles and Margot … Toulouse


“As promised, a few lines of feedback. Palau was an excellent choice. Many thanks for your words of wisdom. After 10 years I really didn’t remember how great it is and was surprised that reefs are very healthy. A lot of corals, a lot of fish, a lot of pelagic action. Grey reefs are everywhere. On some dives we got schools of 20+ just hanging around us. Mantas at German Channel appear to be resident and the tunas are huge ! Don’t hesitate to recommend this destination to any serious diver – and please say thanks to your staff for all the planning that went into this trip. It was fantastic !  Also, what do you think about next year?  Never too early to start the process !  … Howard … Birmingham 

Planning stages

“Hey Dom.  As usual, I’m looking to book a last minute trip on a liveaboard for sometime in the next few weeks. You know what a procrastinator I am ! Using your website’s availability feature, I’ve focused on the 3 boats listed below. Please let me know if there is something else I should consider or if these aren’t available or are not recommended. Thanks in advance for your help & advice !”  … Evgeny … Riga

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