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The fjords of Norway
December 04-10 2023

This Trip is an chance to create lasting memories and capture breathtaking moments through photography. Combining this with opportunities for whale watching and even snorkeling in the Arctic waters is an incredible adventure. The thrill of experiencing these majestic creatures in their natural habitat is truly a unique and unforgettable experience.


You’ll enjoy sightings of white tailed eagles, the arctic winter & northern lights & dazzling landscapes.   The recommended months for experiencing this northern phenomenon are October & November.  This is when the balance between light and access to herring and whales is optimum. The winter days in Norway provide excellent light for photography. You will spend the daylight hours looking for whales and other wildlife and the prime goal is to get you to take a dip in to snorkel with the animals.  One of the planet’s ultimate thrills !

We advise you to bring your spirit of adventure and to be prepared for seriously cold, but rewarding, days at sea … with spectacular views of Mother Nnature. You are going to confront true wildlife encounters and unpredictable weather conditions. The success of your trip will be based on realistic expectations and your personal adaptability.

Winter Whales of Norway COMPOSITE



.This Trip an incredible expedition! Northern Norway’s Polar Night offers a unique and mesmerizing experience with its colorful twilight skies and the opportunity to witness whales, orcas, white-tailed eagles, and the Northern Lights. Exploring the fjords from Tromsø on a comfortable expedition is a fantastic way to capture this magical scenery through profesional photography with Jens Wikström.

Furthermore, the chance to capture the Northern Lights in a region with minimal light pollution during the polar night is truly remarkable. Whether on the ship’s deck or ashore, you’ll have fantastic opportunities for Northern Lights photography. The small group size and photography assistance make it even more special. Don’t forget to keep your camera ready for this extraordinary adventure!

Highlights of this Expedition Cruise:

Having Jens Wikström as the photography expert on this voyage is truly a privilege. With his extensive experience in wildlife photography, ornithology, and marine wildlife, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the expedition. Jens’s passion for remote wilderness areas and wildlife conservation, coupled with his expertise in photographing orcas and whales, is sure to enhance the overall experience for all participants.
His dedication to sharing knowledge about these magnificent creatures and their natural habitat adds an educational aspect to this incredible journey. Participants are in excellent hands with Jens as their guide and photography mentor.

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You will sail on one of the extraordinary expedition vessel MS Virgo  a rugged ship which provide warm and comfortable accommodation without luxury.  The latest additions to the fleet offers somewhat more luxurious creature comforts … but is no less a powerhouse vessel for icy waters.


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