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Red Sea Diving Safari is a favored destination for divers from across the world, they are also the ideal destination for eco-tourists, nature lovers, explorers, or just your ordinary holiday-traveler.

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The views are absolutely breathtaking 

Red Sea Diving Safari, the southern Red Sea’s leading tourism & diving destination, is one of Egypt’s leading environmental activists and a pioneer of sustainable tourism development!

Red Sea Diving Safari operates 3 unique lodges with an eco-friendly vision, each with their own natural charm and intimate setting; Marsa Shagra Village, Marsa Nakari Village and Wadi Lahami Village. The 3 villages are certified PADI resorts and they offer course levels from Discover Scuba Diving to Instructor. They are also the first TDI facility in the southern Red Sea.

Marsa Nakari is a hidden gem in Marsa Alam, located in a peaceful spot just 18km south of Marsa Alam city. Its rustic charm blends seamlessly with the surrounding natural environment, providing guests with an authentic experience away from the crowds of mass tourism. A visit to Marsa Alam wouldn’t be complete without a stay at Marsa Shagra, one of the area’s most renowned destinations. Originally established as a diving camp over 30 years ago, it is conveniently situated just 40 km south of Marsa Alam Airport. Wadi Lahami, located 10km south of Hamata village, is the last outpost of civilization before the border to Sudan, which is approximately 300km further south. Despite being the smallest of the Red Sea Diving Safari lodges, it offers a unique opportunity to witness the region’s stunning terrestrial and marine wildlife.


Wadi Lahami is secluded, simple but comfortable, with a warm team waiting to welcome you! Experience all of your favourite activities but in the most natural environment possible: kite surf, scuba dive, snorkel, bird watch or simply relax close to nature. Wadi Lahami offers 3 diffrent accommodation categories: Tent, Royal Tent and Deluxe Chalet.

The most attractive appeal of Marsa Shagra Village, is its mix of modern luxury and natural simplicity – the best of both worlds. A range of accommodation options is available, from the traditional tents on the beach which let you experience Marsa Shagra as it used to be, to the new Superior Deluxe Chalets with air conditioning, en-suite bathrooms and unbeatable views of the sea and mountains. You’ll even find a chalet which is fully equipped and adapted for wheelchair users. Additionally, some of the chalets offer interconnecting doors which are ideal for families.

Marsa Nakari equally offers a range of accommodation options: from a traditional tents on the beach for an authentic Red Sea diving experience, through to air conditioned Deluxe Chalets with en-suite bathrooms and views of the incredible desert landscape and house reef. Meals are served in the buffet restaurant which overlooks the centre of the village and caters to all tastes and requirements. At Marsa Nakari there are 3 diffrent accommodation categories: Tent, Royal Tent and Deluxe Chalet.

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The tents are in the center of the village and the interior is 3.5×3.5 meters with hand-made furniture, lighting, electricity outlet and a seating area just outside with sea view. They are available with 2 single beds.

Royal Tent

The Royal Tent is a bit bigger than the Tent and well furnished with a mini-fridge, fan, bean bag chairs and table, and a seating area just a few meters from the shoreline. Royal Tents are available with a double bed or two singles.


The Huts are simple, dome-roofed rooms. They are set on the hill overlooking the shoreline and offer uninterrupted sea views. They feature two single beds, bedside table with a lamp, a wardrobe, and a fan.

Tents, Royal Tents and Huts share a communal bathroom facility (please bring your own towels for shower and beach use).

Deluxe Chalet

The Deluxe Chalet is the finest room standard overlooking the spectacular mountains on one side and the Red Sea on the other. There are terraces on either side with breathtaking views and every room enjoys an unobstructed sea view. The Deluxe Chalets feature either double bed or singles and feature en-suite bathroom and towels are provided for showering and for the beach.

Superior Deluxe Chalet

The Superior Deluxe Chalet is the new, finest room category. Occupying the best location in Marsa Shagra, the large, private terrace directly overlooks the entrance to the house reef. The Superior Deluxe Chalets are in an unbeatable location, close to the centre of the village, just a few paces from the diving centre, reception, cafeteria, beach and restaurant. Superior Deluxe Chalets have an en-suite bathroom, and towels for showering and for the beach are provided.

Each set of two Superior Deluxe Chalets are interconnecting and therefore ideal for families. 

Premium Deluxe Chalet

Marsa Shagra has two Premium Deluxe Chalets. Similar to the Deluxe Chalets they overlook the spectacular mountains on one side and the Red Sea on the other. The Premium Deluxe Chalets have a larger, more comfortable terrace and seating area, and a higher standard of furnishing and design, as well as being located closest to the reception, restaurant and the centre of the village.

Accessible Deluxe Chalet

These chalets are adapted for guests in wheelchairs with an access ramp, larger corridors and spaces, and an adapted bathroom. The whole village of Marsa Shagra is accessible for wheelchair users. There are terraces on either side with breath taking views and every room enjoys an unobstructed sea view.{/sliders}

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Diving Wadi Lahami

Wadi Lahami offers the chance to explore the world-class Fury Shoals; the most pristine dive sites in the whole of the Red Sea, including famous dive sites such as Shaab Claudia, Satayah (Dolphin) Reef, Abu Galawa and Shaab Maksour! Guests are offered up to 4 dives per day with over 30 dive sites in the program. It is the ideal location for anyone looking for top quality diving along with privacy, seclusion, and proximity to nature.

Diving Marsa Nakari

At the Marsa Nakari divers, snorkelers and free divers enjoy unlimited use of the house reef which is accessible from the beach by a wide, convenient entry point, with the coral reef starting directly from the shoreline and stretching both North and South from the entry point, offering 6 different diving or snorkelling profiles. The North reef is popular for its hard corals, fish life and anemone city, while divers love to explore the pinnacles and swim-throughs on the South Reef. The marine life at Marsa Nakari is particularly diverse and macro lovers enjoy the nudibranchs, shrimps, velvetfish, ghost pipefish, seamoths and other inhabitants there. Turtles and dolphins are not uncommon and a school of the open-mouthed Indian Mackarel patrol the inside of the bay constantly.

The quality of the coral reefs which are accessible by boat and car from Marsa Nakari often catches divers and snorkelers by surprise. Despite their close proximity to the shore, the quality and diversity of the fish and coral life is astounding, and the variety of landscapes offers something for everyone from pinnacles, swim-throughs and canyons, to drop-offs, hard and soft coral gardens and sea grass beds. It is also possible to dive the wreck of the Hamada at Abu Ghusoun.

Diving Marsa Shagra

Scuba divers and snorkelers can enjoy unlimited use of the house reef, which is accessible from the beach by a sheltered, convenient entry point taking you directly to the underwater world. certified divers may dive independently and unguided according to their certification, giving complete independence and freedom in your diving plans. The house reef stretches over 2km to the North and South and zodiacs are available during daylight hours to allow you to explore every corner of it. As well as the house reef, world famous dive sites such as Elphinstone and Abu Dabab offshore reefs are just a short distance away. With depths of more than 40m at the fringing reef, Marsa Shagra presents an ideal playground for free divers who enjoy practicing their skills in a sheltered environment which is rich in marine life. Another highlight are one of the free diving excursions which offer the chance to free dive with dolphins, dugong, through canyons and on wrecks.

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