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A 124-foot (37.8-meter) traditional Indonesian schooner, the Pindito was the first major dive liveaboard to cruise Raja Ampat. Her owner & captain will be your expert guide.

Pindito Ext1 opt786

A 124-foot (37.8-meter) traditional Indonesian schooner, the Pindito was the first major dive liveaboard to cruise Raja Ampat. Her owner & captain will be your expert guide.

A word from Dom :  “Captain Edi of the Pindito was hugely instrumental in discovering & opening up the best dive sites in the waters of Raja Ampat, the Moluccas & Nusa Tenggara . . . and is certainly one of the most experienced captains you can sail with in those areas.    Plus, he’s an expert photographer/videographer.  A wealth of knowledge and the boat is a good option for serious divers.”…. Dominick Macan


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When the Pindito set sail in 1992, she was sheer scuba diving adventure . . . and although she didn’t offer all of the creature comforts, she was a great dive boat.  Renovations have upgraded her amenities, with en-suite facilities in every cabin, putting her in a comfort class for all. She remains a true “diver’s dive boat” but the added touches of comfort make all the difference.

The bridge deck offers a large, mostly covered exterior lounge area with lots of seating and lounge chairs.  Inside, the main deck lounge and dining area is where everybody meets for meals, photo sharing & socializing. Pindito offers a computer for burning CDs/DVDS.  A satellite phone and email access is available for an extra fee. All cabins are on the lower deck.

The large main-deck dive preparation area has everything that 16 divers need and photographers and videographers love the convenience and functionality of the Pindito’s camera room, located aft of the lounge on the main deck.   As Captain Edi is himself an avid photo-hound, the quality of the equipment is amongst the best you can find.  In addition, Pindito offers, from time to time, a photo cruise with a photo pro on board to give you help & hints with your underwater photography.

The menu aboard Pindito is influenced by international and Indonesian or Asian dishes. Breakfast is served twice, a continental breakfast before the first dive and a full breakfast after the first dive.  Lunch and dinner offer an Asian flair and  between meals, the crew will serve you snacks.  Tea, coffee, juice, soda and cold water are always available.


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Length: 142 ft
Beam: 29 ft
Construction: Wooden ship with BKI classification,
Type Pinisi (Traditional Indonesian Motor Sailer)
Speed: 8 – 9 knots
Range: 1300 nautical miles
Fuel Tank: 3000 gallons
Water Tank: 2000 gallons and Desalinator
Reverse-osmosis Watermaker
Scuba Tanks: 40 x 80cf tanks with DIN adaptors available


17 Indonesian crew
3 multi-lingual European dive guides


Engines: Yanmar 6HA2M-WHT, 350 PS
Generators 2 x 40 KW
Available Voltage: 220v, 50 Hz (110v available in Camera Room)
Power: US and EUR standards, 2-pole
Tenders: 4 Zodiacs (3 active, 1 standby)
Compressors: 2 Mariner Bauer, Nitrox membrane compressor (32%)
Rebreather: 4 Poseidon Discovery MK VI Sets)


2x Radar
2x Ecosounder
2x GPS


VHF radio
Satellite communication Irridium (Seawave)
E-mail access


2x life rafts
Venol oxygen unit
O2, First-aud kit{/sliders}

Indonesia 6 uw


Pindito can take you to most of the popular regions of Indonesia : Komodo, Raja Ampat, Misool, Banda Sea, Alor, Ambon, Halmahera, Maluku Sea & Forgotten Islands.  These spectacular diving regions are creatively assembled into a variety of itineries. Trips to specific regions are, of course, based on the best time of year to experience the finest diving.   {slider Overview of the regions ….. open |dest|closed} 

Pinditos itineraries include the most popular regions of Indonesia and are presented below in alphabetical order.  Trips to specific regions are, of course, based on the best time of year to experience the region’s finest diving.

Ambon – If you love crazy critters, Ambon is hard to beat. Get your lens ready for rhinopias, pegasus sea moths, countless varieties of frog fish, seahorse, flamboyant cuttlefish, ghost pipe fish and star gazers. Lesser known is the south side of Ambon, which features great colorful walls, caves, swim throughs and healthy reef life with large fish … and more critters.

Banda Sea, Alor – In Alor & the Banda Sea, you’ll find clear waters full of masses of fish & loads of invertebrates … plus alluring critters. As to topography, you’ll find shear drops, huge pinnacles, great walls … all covered with rich & thriving corals which attract diverse fish life. Add to that, visiting pelagics and you have a magical mix.

Forgotten Islands – The dive sites vary greatly, with many presenting exciting pelagic encounters and large, swirling schools fish … while others offer up weird and wonderful creatures hidden away in healthy, colorful corals. You get, at one end of the scale: stargazers, stonefish, ghost pipefish … while at the opposite end jacks, giant trevallies, barracuda, hammerhead sharks, and on certain trips, divers are treated to a salt-water crocodile at one site!

Halmahera – The largest island in the Maluku chain, features sparkling clear water, loads of fish, some super drift dives, healthy, thriving coral reefs, some fascinating mangroves with intriguing critters … and fabulous volcanic landscapes. Some of the sites border on the deep blue and put you up close to grey reef sharks, eagle rays and immense schools of blue fin trevally.

Komodo – Perhaps the most diverse of all diving in the Indonesian archipelago. There are seamounts, walls, canyons and pinnacles as well as the spectacular coral gardens. There a hot spring at an underwater volcano, great night dives on black sand slopes with creepy, crawly critters. Numerous sites tout pelagic fish, sharks & mantas but, be assured that at each dive site, you’ll experience something different.

Maluku – The Spice Islands, as they were so long known, offer a world of discovery: crystal clear water & amazing beaches, steep walls, smalls reefs, untouched coral gardens, abundant fish (from darting fuliliers to massive giant groupers) and majestic pelagics (there are some “sharky” dives on this itinerary.

Misool – Pure beauty awaits you here. This pristine area is a protected reserve. You’ll dive amongst splendid corals, experience drift dives & swim throughs, see large schools of pelagic fish and brightly colored reef fish. There are mantas, too … and plenty of fabulous critter action for macro photographers.

Raja Ampat – Indonesia’s shining underwater star, Raja Ampat has something of nearly everything a diver could want. You’ll dive channels, plateaus, walls & caves … and just plain mud, for the delight of “muck” diving. You’ll swim amongst great swirls of fish and feast your eyes on sponges & corals in scintillating colors. You’ll meet up close & personal, everything from pygmy seahorses to colossal manta rays. {/sliders}



International flights generally arrive at one of the following airports:  Bali-Denpasar (DPS) … Jakarta (CGK)  … Manado (MDC).  We will be pleased to help you book your domestic flights through our Bali agent.

The boat’s scheduled departure time varies depending on current domestic airline schedules, which can change, so departure details are not listed here. We’ll inform you at time of booking and will keep you posted on any possible changes



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