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Philippines AggressorPHILIPPINES AGGRESSOR $800 OFF

June – July 2023  … check also for trips with 25% savings


{slider The new 41-meter (135-foot) Philippines Agggressor sleeps 24 guests. Her Philippine Islands itineraries include trips to the best of Visayas & Tubbataha (starting in May 2020) ………. read more|dest|closed}

There are 4 different itineraries offered to the areas of the Visayas islands. Diving in this region for seven or ten nights is home to some of the best scuba diving the Philippines offers. From soft coral covered walls to black sand dives to thresher sharks, huge schools of sardines, turtles, schools of jacks and whale sharks. On the macro side there are fascinating critters such as waspfish, ghost pipefish and many other unique bottom dwellers, offering lots of diversity. Read more about Philippines diving   >

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