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The 29-metre Ocean Hunter III represents years of knowledge in the liveaboard industry and was designed by divers for divers … especially photographers.  She dives the best of Palau.


A word from Dom :  “Owners Novat & Tova designed this powerful vessel from the bottom up specifically for exploring the remote corners of Palau and to accommodate the needs of the most demanding divers & photographers. She’s a shining star !”….. Dominick Macan 


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The construction of the large, stable and truly spacious Ocean Hunter III was a long-held dream for its owners who are passionate divers & photographers. The boat was designed for professional underwater photography, TV and film production, with a large working area, more than 60 electrical outlets and powerful film and video editing facilities.

But, it’s also a fabulous vessel for the average recreational diver. Between dives, you can relax in the sun or watch the fabulous sunsets from the shaded sun deck at the stern end of the upper deck …where you’ll also find sun loungers, deck chairs & tables, a bar and TWO Jacuzzis.  This is also the level where you find two immense master staterooms.  The main deck is set up with a lounge area, which offers a full entertainment system, stereo and a scientific library, along with an espresso coffee maker, an ice maker and a well-stocked bar. The separate dining room & gorgeous buffet station are just to the rear of the lounge. Owner, Tova Har-el, a chef and cookbook writer, has designed a menu for Ocean Hunter III with varying international origins: Palauan, Italian, Mediterranean, French and Japanese (with fresh sashimi and sushi) … as well as a bit of her own style.

The well-organized dive deck is aft on the main deck and a fabulous camera room lies between there and the restaurant. Nitrox, tri-mix and rebreather support are available, along with Nitrox certification  … and you’ll find satellite communication on board for e-mail and telephone.


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Ocean Hunter III upperdeck plan opt

Ocean Hunter III deckplan opt

Ocean hunter III lower deckplan opt



Length: 96 feet (29 meters)
Beam: 26.25 feet (8 meters)
Draft: 9 feet (2.75 meters)
Speed: 11 knots
Displacement: 226 tons
Construction: Steel
Engines: Twin 375 hp 


 Generators: 2 by 60 KW Available 
Voltage: 110/240/415 AC 12/24 DC
Water Tanks: 4000 gals (16000 liters)
Twin 1200 gals/day water makers
Fuel Tanks: 6000 gals (24000 liters)
Electronics: GPS x 3
Dive compressors: 2 X Bauer Compressors
NITROX and TRIMIX onboard
Rebreather support available
PAL, SECAM & American NTSC


3 separate GPS systems
gyrocompass & autopilot
vertical and 3D bottom scanners
72 mile radar
Depth sounder x 2


multiple radios
Satellite Phone
Cellular Phone


Full safety equipment for USCG requirements
Emergency O2 Kit {/sliders}

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Ocean Hunter III offers trips to the best of Palau diving, a rich underwater environment with healthy hard and soft coral gardens, vast amount of sea life, exciting World War II Wrecks, caves and most importantly the protection of sharks.  7-day trips are generally classic while 10-day trips are also available.  {slider View the highlights of these trips . open|dest|closed}   The final itinerary is, of course, always dependent upon weather, sea conditions and where the best animal sightings are at any particular time of year.


Aboard Ocean Hunter III you’ll dive as many of Palau’s beloved sites as time allows.  Of course, everyone want to dive Ngemelis Drop Off, which was considered by Jacques Cousteau to be the finest he’d ever experienced.  This wall, which is “crawling” with sponges, whip corals, sea fans, anemones and other soft coral species crashes 300 meters virtually straight down. The fish attracted to this behemoth wall tend to be as colorful and dramatic as the wall itself.  Then, all around the famous Rock Islands you’ll find coral gardens galore and additional drop-offs … plus caves, swim-throughs, blue holes, marine lakes and even wartime wrecks make thrilling entries in your dive log.

On the barrier reef that circles the area, you’ll find wall dives and drift dives and more Kodak photo opportunities than you can count.  The currents here can be swift and sweeping, but they bring the excitement of big schools of fish and pelagics, including tons of jacks, turtles, sharks, manta rays.  You’ll also dive Big Drop Off & the Blue Holes (4 holes which merge into one huge cavern) where you find a plethora of pelagic fish species plus plenty of sharks. Plus there’s’ Blue Corner (more swirling pelagics) and German Channel with its exhilarating drift dives, walls, corals & abundant fish. And most itineraries include exploring at least one WWII wreck.{/sliders}



For all Palau itineraries your arrival & departure airport is Koror Airport (ROR).  There are multiple international flight routes to Palau. Non-US citizens flying via Guam are required to obtain a ‘transit visa’ from US immigration prior to boarding your flight.  We always recommend that you arrive in Palau one day in advance of your cruise departure.  Transfers will be arranged from the airport or your hotel in Koror to Fish ‘n’ Fins (dive center owned & operated by the owners of Ocean Hunter IIIO or directly to the boat 

After the cruise, if you are not remaining for any additional nights, please allow plenty of time for transfer to the airport and check in at the airport.



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