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Stunning Kri Island is located 75 kilometers northwest of Sorong,West Papua, the island furthest east in the Indonesian archipelago. It’s roughly 2 hours by private boat from Sorong.

“Few places on earth are more serenely idyllic than Kri Eco Resort and sister resort, Sorido Bay.  They simply have to be seen to be believed.  I can’t recommend these two resorts highly enough – for the individuals who want to feel totally removed from the hectic pace of modern life and who are also seeking some of the planet’s finest diving.  Kri is simple & unsophisticated, for those who seek a bit of the Robinson Crusoe touch.  But, trust me, that takes away none of its magic!     Dominick Macan

The delightfully understated little sister of Sorido Bay

This is definitely a feeling of leaving the world behind!

Kri Eco is Sorido Bay’s less sophisticated sibling. Here you find water bungalows – for a maximum of 20 guests at the resort. Because of the construction, you have a cool sea breeze flowing through your bungalow and great panoramic views of the surrounding area – so even from your bed you can hear the sound of the sea!


Each building contains two sleeping rooms and at least one separate sitting area, furnished with locally made bamboo table, benches and hammocks. The guest accommodations are divided by partitions, and each room has sliding doors which can be closed for privacy.

Some bungalows are located on the jetty itself, while the others have their own piers from the beach.  All of them are traditionally built with local materials, such as round wood, bamboo, palm trees leaves – all lashed together with vines from the jungle.

Each room has 24 hour electricity, western style bed & mattress, mosquito net, an electric fan, chairs & desk, side tables & reading lamps.

There is also a camera table with several sockets where guests can work or charge their camera gear.

Housekeeping provides fresh drinking water and towels everyday to the room.  Close to the sleeping accommodation, on land, are six very clean & spacious Indonesian style bathrooms (called mandis) for guests to share.

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The diving is nothing less than spectacular.

Papua Diving offers tailor-made diving with a maximum 6 divers in one boat with at least 2 dive guides for 6 people . The dive itinerary is developed based on the interests & requests of the guests and the dive packages are sold in 5, 10, 15 or any number of dives you may choose.

All divers and non divers visiting Raja Ampat will also need to pay an annual entrance fee for the Marine Park of 500,000 Rupiahs per person (Rp 250,000 for Indonesians). We collect payments from guests and Rp350,000 goes towards Conservation International for conservation purposes and the remaining Rp 150,000 goes to local government.

Raja Ampat’s pristine beauty, both above the water and below the water, is truly unrivalled.

Diving conditions are good here all year round with visibility averaging 20 metres. Water temperature is a constant 28 or 29 degrees Celsius. There are also currents in this area and we plan the dives according to the tides and least current.

During a typical week guests can expect to see manta rays, various species of pygmy seahorse, wobbegongs & endemic ‘Raja Ampat walking sharks’, large numbers of schooling fish such as bumphead parrot fish, giant trevally & barracuda plus just about every reef fish in the book.

This is set against a vibrant backdrop of the world’s healthiest hard and soft corals. The house reef at Cape Kri is where Dr. Gerry Allen recorded 283 different species of fish during ONE dive. This made Cape Kri not only the fish richest dive site known to science, but also the richest house reef anywhere!

The dives included in the package prices are for dive sites within a 10km radius of the resort. Outside of this zone there are fuel surcharges ranging from E20 p/p to E60 p/p for far-away dive sites such as Fam Islands and the Passage, although there is no charge for the first trip to Manta Point to see manta rays.

You do not need to go outside of the 10km radius as there are countless local dive sites which are so good that you will want to return to each several times.

No diving on Saturdays

Papua Diving has a no diving policy on Saturdays, EXCEPT for diving on your own on the house reef, as this is the day of rest for all staff.  Accompanied diving is not offered between 6pm Friday and 6pm on Saturday, however night diving is possible at 7pm on Saturday.

You can have a trip to see the Red Bird of Paradise on neighboring Gam island on Saturday mornings. The transport is free but guests are requested to pay Rp 100,000 each to contribute to conservation of the birds. Saturdays are for relaxing & guests are invited to explore the island & to enjoy snorkeling or kayaking.

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