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Intimate & special, Black Sand Dive Retreat enjoys a protected location on Lembeh Strait & offers all the magic of that unique body of water.   Access the strait from the lovely black sand beach.

Black sand beach means black sand diving

Black Sand offers easy-access to snorkeling & diving on the house reef.  Just walk into the water from the resort’s lovely black sand beach.

6 bungalows, all with stunning views of the Strait, come with both ceiling fan & air-con, plus plenty of storage & a traditional, open-air Indonesian-style garden bathroom. The central building, which includes the dining area, also offers panoramic views over the Strait, plus Wi-Fi internet connection, a reference library & audio-visual equipment.

The diving is, of course, Lembeh diving, meaning it’s largely “muck” & “critters” – every photographer’s dream. But also, there are five shipwrecks & an impressive array of underwater topography, including pinnacles and verdant soft and hard coral gardens.

Still, it is the plain black sand sites that make the area famous with their profusion of strangely exotic creatures.

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