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The luxurious 40-metre (131-foot) Damai II, slightly larger than her sister ship, Damai I, takes 12 guests in 7 exquisite cabins to dive Komodo, Raja Ampat, Alor, Banda Sea & Forgotten Islands.

A word from Dom: “The Damai I & Damai II are two of the most highly acclaimed of Indonesia’s boutique liveaboards … with good reason.  In addition to their intimate nature, carrying only a few divers, and their boutique beauty, these two vessels offer some extraordinary off-the-beaten-track itineraries … all of which make me wish I could just travel and dive forever without stopping! If you’re thinking luxury liveaboard in Indonesia, and if your budget allows, you should definitely consider the Damai sisters.”…. Dominick Macan


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A traditionally inspired Phinisi schooner, Damai II is purpose-designed for cruising and diving the Indonesian archipelago. The Damai boats are equipped with the latest navigation, communication and safety equipment and the crews are top-notch, with a seasoned western cruise director and a highly experienced Indonesian crew. The cabins are luxurious and spacious, the cuisine exquisite and the level of service and attention of top quality.

Damai II is slightly larger than the Damai I, allowing enough space for two large exterior lounge areas on the bridge deck (plus a private balcony for the main deck suite) and a beautiful al fresco dining facility, located on the sun deck behind the bridge.  You can  enjoy, on deck, the massage and spa treatment area, plus plenty of lounging and sunbathing space.- covered or uncovered.   The bridge deck and main deck each feature one cabin while the remaining 7 cabins are situated on the lower deck.  The main deck houses an air-conditioned lounge & restaurant.

The dive systems have been made even more accommodating on the newer Damai II. The dive stations, located on the forward section of the main deck, are larger and served by individual rinse tanks. The camera room has been enlarged also. The four divers to one dive guide ratio of the Damai I has been maintained on Damai II whenever possible.


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Damai II deck plan 780


Length: 40 metres (131 feet)
Beam: 9 metres (30 feet)
Passengers: 14
Cabins: 7
Main Engine: 1x Mitsubishi 10M20-OA – 640 Hp serial
Gear Box – Twin Disc type: MGH 56 BLX-1
Auxiliary Engine: 2x Mitsubishi 6D14 Generator 60 Kva, 1 x Yanmar 4TNV98T SILENT Generator 40 KVa (2015)
Compressor 1 unit Dive Compressor Poseidon PE-200
1 unit Dive Compressor Alkin C.A.T.230
2 unit Nitrox type Atlas Copco

Fuel Filters – Primary filter – Racor
Secondary filter – Racor
Pumps 2 unit Sea water pumps for toilet flush (Lakoni-Italy)
2 unit Fresh water pumps (Sanyo)
3 unit GS pumps
1 unit submersible pump for bilge (Nocchi-Italy)
1 unit fuel transfer pump (Taiko-Japan)
Echo sounder & GPS plotter – GP 1650F
Radar FURUNO (36NM) – F1832
Standard Compass – Toyo Keiki


HV Radio – Furuno M 710
VHF Radio -2 units – Furuno M 304
Electronic Chart – MaxSea (ver 10.02)


Fire man out Fit with breathing apparatus. – 2 unit
CO2 portable (6Kg) – 6 unit
CO2 portable (4Kg) – 2 unit
Foam portable (9Kg) – 4 unit
Bompet (foam automatic applicator) – 7 unit
Fix Hydrant with hose and nozzle – 2 unit


Life Raft (Capacity 20 persons) – 3 unit
Life Jacket – 35 unit
Throwing line Apparatus – 1 set
Pyrotechnics – 2 set
EPIRB – 1 unit
Life Ring – 8 unit
MOB beacon. – 2 unit{/sliders}

Indonesia 6 uw


Damai I has various itineraries throughout Indonesia’s premier dive destinations: Alor, Bali, Banda Sea, Cenderawasih, Forgotten Islands, Gorontalo & Togean Islands, Halmahera, Komodo, Raja Ampat, Triton Bay.  The itinerary for each cruise is chosen based on season, weather and sea conditions.  She is also available for private charter, allowing you to set your own itinerary.  {slider View the itineraries for Damai II ….. open |dest|closed}  Damai’s itineraries include the most popular regions of Indonesia and are presented below in alphabetical order.  Trips to specific regions are, of course, based on the best time of year to experience the region’s finest diving.

Ambon – If you love crazy critters, Ambon is hard to beat. Get your lens ready for rhinopias, pegasus sea moths, countless varieties of frog fish, seahorse, flamboyant cuttlefish, ghost pipe fish and star gazers. Lesser known is the south side of Ambon, which features great colourful walls, caves, swim throughs and healthy reef life with large fish … and more critters.

Bali – Bali offers some awesome diving.  There’s wreck diving right off the beach at Tulamben and you’ll find walls, drop-offs & grottos, wonderful currents with drift dives & gentle coral garden dives. There are white sand bottoms & black sand bottoms, exquisite colors of soft corals, gorgonian fans, sponges & reef fish … plus pelagic fish, Mola-Mola in season, eagle & manta rays.

Banda Sea, Alor – In Alor & the Banda Sea, you’ll find clear waters full of masses of fish & loads of invertebrates … plus alluring critters. As to topography, you’ll find shear drops, huge pinnacles, great walls … all covered with rich & thriving corals which attract diverse fish life. Add to that, visiting pelagics and you have a magical mix.

Cenderawasih – The main draw here is the large community of whale sharks which stay year-round and feed off the fish tumbling from the villagers’ fishing platforms. You’ll also dive plunging vertical walls with prolific sponge life, see great schools of fish and may also have the opportunity to dive on Manokwari’s excellent WWII wrecks.

Forgotten Islands – Wild variety reigns here, with exciting pelagic encounters & large, swirling schools fish … weird and wonderful creatures hidden away in healthy, colorful corals. You get, at one end of the scale: stargazers, stonefish, ghost pipefish … while at the opposite end jacks, giant trevallies, barracuda, hammerhead sharks, and on certain trips, divers are treated to a salt-water crocodile at one site!

Halmahera – The largest island in the Maluku chain, features sparkling clear water, loads of fish, some super drift dives, healthy, thriving coral reefs, some fascinating mangroves with intriguing critters … and fabulous volcanic landscapes. Some of the sites border on the deep blue and put you up close to grey reef sharks, eagle rays and immense shools of blue fin trevally.

Komodo – perhaps the most diverse of all diving in the Indonesian archipelago. There are seamounts, walls, canyons and pinnacles as well as the spectacular coral gardens. There a hot spring at an underwater volcano, great night dives on black sand slopes with creepy, crawly critters. Numerous sites tout pelagic fish, sharks & mantas but, be assured that at each dive site, you’ll experience something different.

Raja Ampat – Indonesia’s shining underwater star, Raja Ampat has something of nearly everything a diver could want. You’ll dive channels, plateaus, walls & caves … and just plain mud, for the delight of “muck” diving. You’ll swim amongst great swirls of fish and feast your eyes on sponges & corals in scintillating colors. You’ll meet up close & personal, everything from pygmy seahorses to colossal manta rays.

Togian (Togean) Islands – Known for great visability, this island chain features large schools of fish which congregate around huge coral and sponge formations. There’s also a good stock of the smaller stuff and a few sites offer blue water exposure where you’ll see larger pelagic fish and passing sharks. The highlight for many divers is the wreck of a B24 Liberator bomber which is easily accessible.

Triton Bay – Divers love the whale sharks who visit the fishing platforms, but the true star of this region is a profusion of speculator soft corals gardens & the schooling fish – anthias, damsel fish, fusiliers, sweetlips & snappers. With lots of nutrients in the water, photographers beware : the viz is limited at many sites. But, you’ll love the massive black coral bushes, the drift and wall dives and the opportunities for critter hunting.

Chartering the Damai I will give you an opportunity to select the route you prefer and to tailor your trip. The advantages are multiple; the chance to stay as long as you want in one spot without having to be worried about the preferences of the rest of the guests is an obvious one.{/sliders}



International flights generally arrive at one of the following airports:  Bali-Denpasar (DPS) … Jakarta (CGK)  … Manado (MDC).  We will be pleased to help you book your domestic flights through our Bali agent.

The boat’s scheduled departure time varies depending on current domestic airline schedules, which can change, so departure details are not listed here. We’ll inform you at time of booking and will keep you posted on any possible changes



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