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The new Cocos Island Aggressor will be state-of-the-art transport to the spectacular diving at Cocos Island . She takes 22 divers in spacious surroundings & is expected to run her first trips in January 2023.


A word from Dom :  “My first trip to Cocos (about a century ago) was the maiden voyage of the Okeanos Aggressor I … one of the most memorable voyages in my diving career.  The boat was sturdy & well-designed for divers … comfortable for easy post-dive relaxation.   The crew was excellent, the food plentiful & the experience top-notch in every way.  I have every confidence that the new Cocos Island Aggressor will match and exceed the Okeanos I .”….. Dominick Macan


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The Cocos Island Aggressor is custom-built for taking divers safely across the waters between Costa Rica and Cocos Island … one of the most stirring dive destinations on the planet.

She is 124 feet long… with accommodation for 22 guests, including 4 master staterooms, 3 of which are located on the upper deck, one on the lower deck …and 7 deluxe staterooms with side by side twin beds located on the lower deck. Each stateroom features a private bathroom and shower, individual climate control, and a monitor with a media player.

Cocos Island Aggressor offers 3 full decks plus a large, partially covered sun deck with loungers & hot tub.  Just below, on the bridge deck, you’ll find a covered outdoor lounge with comfy seating at the stern and the 4 master cabins located mid-deck.  The main deck, hosts the very spacious dive deck at the stern, while mid-deck is a lounge and roomy restaurant.  Of course, a bar & a grill are an essential part of the package.   The lower deck houses 7 more cabins.

There is a variety of nightly entertainment, including diving, fish identification presentations, movies, games and more. A small library of books for exchange is maintained onboard as well as fish identification books for reference. There is ample storage space for your diving equipment in your personal locker.


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 cocos island aggressor layout


Yacht Specifications
Port: Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Built and maintained to the specifications of the local regulatory agencies and the regulations of the country of the flag.

Length: 124 ft
Beam: 28.5 ft
Passengers: 22
Staterooms: 11


Captains and staff are professionally licensed as required by the laws of the country in which the yacht operates and complies with and the appropriate flag state regulations and/or SOLAS (International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea) standards. All yachts are required to follow Aggressor Fleet® Standard Operations Procedures (SOP). Dive instructors and divemasters are trained and certified by international recognized certification agencies. Each receives proficiency training and annual inspections to review safety aspects.


Twin diesel engines on all steel and aluminum yachts
Two or more generators, 110-208 ac voltage, each capable of supplying the yachts needs independently
Two SCUBA air compressors with cascade storage
Nitrox membrane system with cascade storage
Watermaker with ample storage
Support dinghies with outboard motors for shore excursions and scuba diving


Magnetic Compass
Depth sounders
Global Positioning Systems (GPS)


Multiple VHF radios
Long Range Single Side Band Radio
Satellite Phone (where necessary)
Satellite Email (where necessary)


Hang bar for safety stops (where necessary)
Complete First Aid Kit and medical supplies
D.A.N. Oxygen System with 100% demand regulator
Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)
Fire and Smoke Detection Systems
Fire extinguishers and Fire Fighting Equipment
EPIRB – Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon
Life rafts & rescue craft
Life jackets equipped with lights and whistles for all passengers and crew
Full Complement of Safety and Rescue Equipment
Emergency flares{/sliders}

Cocos Island Aggressor


The itinerary for Cocos Island Aggressor is Cocos, Cocos, Cocos …. only Cocos … in all its glory.  {slider ITNERARY DESCRIPTION AND ITINERARY MAP ….. open|dest|closed} Boarding and departure depends on the tide schedule. Immediately after boarding, the yacht departs for its 36 hour crossing to Cocos Island. After arrival at the destination, there are multiple dives throughout each day for an average of 21 dives on 10 night charters. No night diving is currently offered at Cocos Island.

Cocos Island – 10-night sample itinerary
Day 1 – meet in front of host hotel. Transfer to Puntarenas for boarding and departure for Cocos Island.
Day 2-3 – arrive Cocos Island, diving begins.
Day 4-9 – diving days
Day 9-10 – travel back to Puntarenas.
Day 11 – check out at 7 am and transfer to San Jose Airport or host hotels.

Cocos Top Dive Sites
A 600’ long submerged mountain, the top of the mountain is 75’ from the surface. Schooling hammerheads, mantas and schooling fish. Possible sailfish or marlin.

Big Dos Amigos
This islet features a 45-foot-high arch and 60-foot pinnacle off the southeast side. Look for rainbow runners, yellowtail snapper, bigeye jacks and lobster. Hammerheads swim between the pinnacle and arch.

Bird Island, Chatham Bay
Dove from Chatham Bay, southeast of Manuelita, this site provides a variety of marine life including Frog Fish, lobsters, morays, rays, white tip sharks and hammerheads. There is even a cleaning station.

Dirty Rock
A large island with schools of marble rays and hammerheads.

Lone Stone
Schooling marble rays and mobula rays.

The northeast corner has a sheer wall. Lots of White Tips, Marble Rays and schools of Creoles. Possible sightings: whale sharks, mating eagle rays, sail fish, mating white tip sharks, false killer whales.

Ubing Rock, Wafer Bay
This 300’ rock begins at 20’ and drops to a 110’ sandy bottom. The southeast slope attracts schooling hammerheads.

Cocos Island XL map b opt




All yacht departures are from Puntarenas, Costa Rica.  You will take an international flight to San Jose, Costa Rica, arriving the day before the charter start date to overnight in San Jose, Costa Rica. You may choose to stay at one of the recommended host hotels or at another hotel of your choice.  Please note that pick-ups for transfer to the boat are only from these two hotels.

On the day of departure, you will have a two-hour air-conditioned bus ride to Puntarenas, which showcases some of Costa Rica’s beautiful scenery.  You will be met by an Aggressor representative at a pre-set time for the group transfer on the bus to the boat. Boarding depends on the tide schedule.

Immediately after boarding the yacht departs for its crossing to Cocos Island, which takes roughly 36 hours.  You can expect to arrive at the island around dawn on Day 3. After a full seven days of diving, the boat returns back to the dock in Puntarenas and you will be taken back to San Jose.


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