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The 33-metre (110-foot) Cayman Aggressor IV sleeps up to 18 guests. Her itineraries include the walls & ship wrecks of Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and, weather permitting, Cayman Brac.

A word from Dom: “Launching in July 2022, the Cayman Aggressor IV is an old friend which has been refit & revitalized returning to once again take us to alluring Cayman Islands diving.  A comfortable & relaxed way to dive this destination.”  ….. Dominick Macan



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For relaxing between the dives, you’ll find a partially covered top sundeck with wet bar, CD equipment and a hot tub.  The main deck hosts a combination lounge/restaurant with room to settle in, watch movies, listen to music or work with your digital photography.   The very spacious master cabin is located at the bow of the main deck while 8 more cabins are located on the lower deck.

Cayman Aggressor IV’s large dive deck has personal gear lockers with in-place air and nitrox fill stations, rinse tanks and a camera table with low-pressure air hoses.

The large swim platform has two warm freshwater showers and two water exit ladders. 

The menu on-board is varied and plentiful, with a variety of American feasts, barbecues and local cuisine. If you have any special dietary requirement please let us know when booking.

Breakfast (cooked to order), buffet lunch and an elegant meal at dinner are served with tableside service … plus, you’ll have fresh mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks. Beverages such as tea, coffee and fruit juices are always available and both beer and local wines are complimentary.


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Built to Lloyd’s Registry and American Bureau of Shipping Standards
Length: 110 ft.
Beam: 22 ft
Passengers: 18
Crew: 6
Cabins: 9


Captains and staff are professionally licensed as required by the laws of the country in which the yacht operates and complies with and the appropriate flag state regulations and/or SOLAS (International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea) standards. All yachts are required to follow Aggressor Fleet® Standard Operations Procedures (SOP). Dive instructors and dive masters are trained and certified by international recognized certification agencies. Each receives proficiency training and annual inspections to review safety aspects.


Twin diesel engines on all steel and aluminum yachts
Two or more generators, 110-208 ac voltage, each capable of supplying the yachts needs independently
Two SCUBA air compressors with cascade storage
Nitrox membrane system with cascade storage
Watermaker with ample storage
Support dinghies with outboard motors for shore excursions and scuba diving


Magnetic Compass
Depth sounders
Global Positioning Systems (GPS)


Multiple VHF radios
Long Range Single Side Band Radio
Satellite Phone (where necessary)
Satellite Email (where necessary)


Hang bar for safety stops (where necessary)
Complete First Aid Kit and medical supplies
D.A.N. Oxygen System with 100% demand regulator
Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)
Fire and Smoke Detection Systems
Fire extinguishers and Fire Fighting Equipment
EPIRB – Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon
Life rafts & rescue craft
Life jackets equipped with lights and whistles for all passengers and crew
Full Complement of Safety and Rescue Equipment
Emergency flares{/sliders}

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Cayman Aggressor IV will take you on 7-day itineraries which include the highlights of Cayman diving featuring some great topography. {slider Itinerary map with diving summary  …. open|dest|closed}  During the week, weather permitting, you will dive the best of all three islands including the Russian Destroyer (Kittiwake) in Cayman Brac, Bloody Bay Wall in Little Cayman, and Stingray City, Northwall, Southwall in Grand Cayman.

Topography reigns supreme here with walls, passages, pinnacles and swim throughs … all sporting colorful corals and sponges. Plenty of reef fish, turtles, eels & rays … a few sharks and some nice critter action. Continue reading for a few of the highlights.

3 Fathom Wall (Mixing Bowl) … here, the “shear” wall, meets the “gentle slope”. This site offers more fish than any site in Little Cayman. Schools of Bermuda chub, 3-spotted goatfish, snappers and various grouper species can be seen … as well yellowhead jawfish. Watch for turtles, spotted eagle rays and occasional reef or nurse sharks.

Bonnie’s Arch …. this site has a beautiful arch that provides photo ops. Look for seahorses, angelfish and crabs.

Bullwinkle East … this site gets its name from the large elk horn coral that forms the top of this shallow reef.

Doc Poulson (wreck) … in an open sandy area, with nearby coral reef, the small vessel was sunk purposely to make a dive site. Good growth on the wreck provides a home to many juvenile fish including the pygmy file fish.

Great Wall … a shear drop, this portion of Bloody Bay Wall is full of beautiful vegetation – gorgonians, hard & soft corals, rope sponges. Turtles are often seen munching on a sponge or just swimming by. Look for juvenile spotted drum fish and juvenile smooth trunkfish here.

The Meadows … Jackson’s Wall is a highlight with swim-throughs onto the lovely wall. Watch for Caribbean reef sharks.

Lea Lea’s Lookout … A narrow cut leads to the wall where you can look for crabs and lobster hiding out. Divers love the “Great Room” (entrance around 80 feet) at this site where they exit at around 30 feet. Night dives here are great with reds, oranges, greens & purples shining in the low light.

Kittiwake & Keith Tibbetts … The Kittiwake, sunk in 2011 as an artificial reef, lies in 40-90 feet of water & provides a great backdrop for photos & videos. Penetration is allowed for the avid wreck diver & there are countless areas inside to explore. The Tibbetts is always a popular dive offering charming photo ops.

Ore Verde (wreck) … this wreck lies in pieces against a section of coral reef and provides a home to many fish, both during the day and at night (midnight blue parrotfish). Hordes of chub, jacks, and snapper are spotted during the day.

Randy’s Gazebo … wonderful swim-throughs & some of the largest barrel sponges in the Cayman Islands. A great “photo op” at the “gazebo … and a narrow passage that begins at 80 feet & “burps” you out at 30 feet are popular moments.

Stingray City … probably the Caribbean’s most popular (or only) 12-foot dive, Stingray City is home to many Southern Stingrays who seem to love performing for divers

Tarpon Alley … large sand passage slice through coral fingers, leading out onto the North Wall. Between two of these fingers, you can find tarpon displaying their buoyancy. Barracuda sometimes pose as “imposters”, lurking around, looking for a meal. On the wall, the beautiful spotted eagle ray is often cited as well as an occasional reef shark. If you are really lucky, you might spot a hammerhead.

Teacher’s Caverns (Bats Cave Reef) … elkhorn and staghorn corals are found in the shallows & there’s a beautiful wall & pinnacles.

cayman map 2021 june21{/sliders}



The Cayman Aggressor IV operates out of Grand Cayman (airport GCM). Guests arriving on Saturday from 11:30 am – 6 pm are greeted at the airport by a Cayman tour guide who will be wearing an Aggressor Adventures hat and shirt and will have guests names on a sign.  Airport transfers are an extra cost for these departures. At the end of your trip, the Captain will assist with organizing transportation to the airport (or hotel, if you are extending your stay). If you are already in Grand Cayman, please make your own way to the Cayman Aggressor IV any time after 4:00 p.m. Passengers can arrive up until the last flight Saturday evening. The yacht will depart the dock early Sunday morning.

The Cayman Aggressor IV normally docks at the George Town Tourist Dock, however, during the winter months, she occasionally docks at a local marina.   We will give you all necessary details before your departure.  On your return from the week of diving, you’ll arrive at the George Town Government dock Friday afternoon after lunch. You can enjoy a stroll around town until it’s time for the sunset cocktail party Friday night at 6 pm.  Dinner will be at a restaurant on shore and is not included in the rate.   Check-out is Saturday morning at 8 am.



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