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Located in the remote Republic of the Marshall Islands near Micronesia, Bikini Atoll is one of the most famous places in the world for wreck diving. You’ll dive the haunting fleet of wrecks surrounded by idyllic emerald-green coral atolls, and the crystal-blue waters of the Pacific. 


After WWII the US gathered together a fleet of naval vessels which were ready for the scrapyard.  The idea was to test the effects of different atomic bombs on naval vessels.  Between 1946 and 1958 the US tested 67 nuclear bombs in the area. Residents of Bikini Atoll were removed and few have been able to return to their homeland. 

The nuclear testing resulted in a unique collection of wrecks at Bikini consisting of battleships, cruisers and an aircraft carrier.  Bikini was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2010.

In spite of its lamentable history, Bikini is an extraordinary addition to the diving world.  While not locatred in Micronesia, it’s close enough for one of the Master Liveaboards vessels to come for the diving season here … and another to come from the Solomon Islands.

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Solomons Master (previously operating as Truk Master) will operate trips in Bikini Atoll from late April 2023 until the end of September 2023 and will return to Bikini Atoll for an additional season from May – September 2024. With comfortable accommodation for up to 12 guests (on Bikini itineraries only), this steel hulled boat offers eight double occupancy cabins with a choice of classic or premium cabins. Each cabin benefits from ensuite bathroom facilities and individually controlled air-conditioning.

From May 2023, Pacific Master will join Solomons Master in Bikini Atoll; Then, from September 2024 onwards she will take over sole duty on Bikini itineraries. She offers 12 air-conditioned cabins and can easily accommodate up to 16 guests on Bikini trips.

Both vessels are set up with full tech diving facilities, including a deco-bar, in order to fulfil the requirements for diving in Bikini Atoll.



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 Below you’ll find a summary of a few of the most sought-after wrecks.  You will dive as many of these as possible.

{slider Dive the Best Wrecks of Bikini Atoll.  Your cruise director will schedule a maximum of 2 dives per day, with a minimum surface interval of 4 hours between dives.  The number of scheduled dives will also depend on the length of your cruise … 10 nights: up to 13 dives   …  11 nights: up to 15 dives  … 13 nights: up to 19 dives …..  continue reading … |dest|closed}

PLEASE NOTE: It is mandatory for guests to take an afternoon off from diving mid-trip. We will offer an optional visit to Bikini Island and beach BBQ on this day.
The following is an example of the day-to-day itinerary.
Day 1: Embarkation between 15:00 and 15:30 is followed by introductions, boat and safety briefings and dinner. There is no diving on embarkation day.

Day 2: If possible, the cruise director will schedule a morning dive on Prinz Eugen in Kwajalein Atoll before commencing the crossing to Bikini Atoll. The total distance from Ebeye to Bikini Atoll is 406 kilometres which is 25-34 hours of cruising depending on weather conditions.

Day 3: Afternoon arrival at Bikini Atoll. Diving on this day is dependent on how long the crossing from Ebeye takes and arrival time in Bikini.

Subsequent diving days are scheduled as follows:

● breakfast followed by a briefing & dive 1
● lunch, relaxation followed by briefing & dive 2
● snack, relaxation,
● dinner


USS Saratoga

The signature dive of Bikini Lagoon is the USS Saratoga CV-3 Aircraft carrier. She is 270 meters (888 feet) long and 29 meters (95feet) wide and weighs 39,000 tons. She lies at 52 meters. The bridge & flight deck are easily accessible and a number of Helldiver planes lie scattered across the seabed. A few are still in the onboard hangar, which is inaccessible. On the deck you can still find bombs, air drop torpedoes and depth charges.

IJN Nagato
This battleship was the Imperial Japanese Navy’s flagship as well as one of the most powerful and versatile warships in the world during WWII. She was seized and added to the test fleet at Bikini. She landed completely upside down 52 meters (170 feet). Her props, stern guns and bow are all at diveable depths.

USS Arkansas
The USS Arkansas served in both World War I and World War II, escorting convoys in the Atlantic and bombarding shore targets during the invasions of Normandy, Iwo Jima and Okinawa. She was lifted up vertically by the test blast and ended upside down on the sandy bottom at 55 meters.

USS Lamson
This American destroyer was sunk during one of the very early tests at Bikini Atoll. She’s not the biggest of the wrecks but you can explore virtually all of her remains. With decks at around 48-50 meters, she features several guns, torpedoes, bombs and generally provides good access to divers along
with great visibility making her a really exceptional dive.

USS Anderson
Another destroyer, the Anderson was built in 1939 and served at different locations during World War II, participating in fighting battles in the
Atlantic and the Pacific using her machine guns, anti-aircraft missiles and torpedoes, taking down many enemy aircraft as well as assisting in anti-submarine warfare. She now rests mostly intact on her starboard side at a depth of 52 meters. At the stern you can see the depth charge racks and the propellers and, past the gun turrets and torpedo tubes, amidst the debris on the forward superstructure, there is a compass as well as an interesting
collection of artefacts such as a clock which stopped forever at 8:21.

USS Apogon
The Apogon is submarine of the Balao-class that headed straight for Hawaii and the Marshall Islands after her launch in 1943. She patrolled designated areas in the South Pacific, attacking enemy ships. The Apogon lies completely intact at a depth of 48 meters and is the only submarine that can be
dived in Bikini Atoll. Divers can easily explore the conning tower, viewing binoculars on the bridge, and sponge-covered propellers.

USS Carlisle
Finished and acquired by the Navy in 1944, she arrived late into the war and was assigned to transport activities … but took part in 3 of those. As a result, she never participated in any combat situations. She sank in a 1946 test blast and now rests upright in the sand at 51 meters depth, with her deck at 40 meters.


Prinz Eugen
A German heavy cruiser, the Prinz Eugen remarkably survived the blasts of Operation Crossroads at Bikini, even though she was already damaged, and was towed to Kwajalein from Bikini. Here, she ultimately capsized and sank to
her final resting place in December 1946. Today, a part of the ship is still visible above water.{/sliders}


Bikini Atoll trips are scheduled from May to October  The other months of the year, Pacific Master will operate at Truk Lagoon.

The Bikini itinerary is built around the United Airlines flight from Honolulu, Hawaii that serves both Kwajalein and Majuro airports in the Marshall Islands.

Depending on your itinerary, we highly recommend you use this Hawaii connection to get to and from Kwajalein and/or Majuro. Passengers travelling from the Marshall Islands are required to pay an airport departure tax, For Kwajalein this is currently $20US. This varies from airport to airport and must be paid in US dollars

From the airport you are shuttled to a ferry that brings you to Ebeye Island in 20 minutes. From there you will board your Master liveaboard between 3pm and 4pm, depending on flight schedules.  Disembarkation is also at Ebeye Island between 10:00 and 12:00, again depending on flight times. 

As Kwajalein is US Army territory, it is a restricted area and visitors are not allowed outside of the airport. Upon arrival, travellers are taken to a holding area while their luggage is searched by sniffer dogs, and will remain there until the shuttle bus arrives to take guests to where the Army ferry departs for Ebeye Island.  Upon arrival at Ebeye a representative from Master Liveaboards will meet guests for transfer to the boat.

At the time of writing, no visa is required for entering the Marshall Islands for US citizens, EU countries, Canada and most other Western countries. Nevertheless, it is imperative that you check for any updates and changes with their nearest Marshall Islands embassy or consulate as requirements evolve based on world politics and health concerns.


Mandatory minimum certification and experience requirements .  As the average depth of the wrecks in Bikini Atoll is around 50 metres (150ft), this itinerary is
only suitable for technical divers with previous wreck experience.

● Technical Divers must be certified as at least PADI Tec. 50, or equivalent with a minimum of 100 logged dives and wreck diving experience.

● Rebreather Divers must have normoxic trimix certification, with 100 logged dives, and wreck diving experience




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