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Amira Ext1A 1050 opt

Amira, a lovely addition to the liveaboards in Indonesia has state of the art navigation and security systems …. plus she is rebreather friendly and cruises to the best of Indonesian diving.



Amira Ext1A 1050 opt

Amira, a lovely addition to the liveaboards in Indonesia has state of the art navigation and security systems …. plus she is rebreather friendly and cruises to the best of Indonesian diving.

 A word from Dom :  “Amongst the top liveaboards in Indonesia, Amira is a stand-out, with her high quality, European management and exotic itineraries. I have the utmost confidence in her ability to deliver both value and high standard diving in the rich & exotic seas of the Indonesian archipelago.  Highly recommended”…… Dominick Macan


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Amira offers 9 double occupancy cabins & one single cabin … for a maximum of 19 divers.  At the top of the vessel you’ll find a super-sized sundeck of 140 square meters which offers an ideal place to sunbathe & relax on sun loungers.  Or, on the upper deck, you may want to view the spectacular passing scenery from the deck chairs in just front of the bridge.  Also, there are 3 guest cabins (13 square meters each)on this level.  Moving to the main deck, you find an immense exterior covered lounging area as well as the restaurant and a comfortable, air-conditioned TV and lounge area inside. This is also where you’ll find the computer room, computers and DVD/CD burners which are available for editing your daily photographs. The large fore deck is equipped with deckchairs and a shade canopy for hot days.

On to the lower is the the large dive deck with space for a maximum of 24 guests and 6 dive guides. There are also storage areas for cameras, dive lamps etc. and several rinse tanks.  In the camera room is a 9-meter-long workbench as well as downloading possibilities and further storage areas for you to use.  This is also the deck with the remaining cabins.


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Amira deck plan opt


Length overall: 52 meters
Length on deck: 42 meters
Beam: 10 meters
Displacement: 400 tons
Built from ironwood & teak in Tanah Beru & Bira / South Sulawesi, between 2008 and 2010
Cruising Speed: 8-9 knots


1 x 650 HP Mitsubishi Marine Turbo Diesel
2 x 310 HP Marine Turbo Diesel
Generators: 2 x 60 KW Perkins, 1 x 15 KW Jiandong
Fuel capacity: 20 m³
Water capacity: 20 m³
Water desalination: 6000 liters per day
Compressors: 2 x L&W redundant + nitrox
Tenders: 4 x Zodiacs 


Emergency exits on the cabin deck
Fire detectors all over the boat
Large number of fire extinguishers
Personal flotation devices & lifebuoys
Electronic emergency & location system ENOS
Medical emergency equipment{/sliders}

Indonesia 6 uw


Amira’s itineraries cover an immense area of Indonesia : Komodo, Raja Ampat, Cenderawasih, Misool, Banda Sea, Alor, Ambon, Triton Bay. Halmahera, Togian (Togean) Islands & Lembeh Strait. {slider Overview of the regions Amira dives ….. open |dest|closed} 

Amira’s itineraries include the most popular regions of Indonesia and are presented below in alphabetical order.  Trips to specific regions are, of course, based on the best time of year to experience the region’s finest diving.

Ambon – If you love crazy critters, Ambon is hard to beat. Get your lens ready for rhinopias, pegasus sea moths, countless varieties of frog fish, seahorse, flamboyant cuttlefish, ghost pipe fish and star gazers. Lesser known is the south side of Ambon, which features great colourful walls, caves, swim throughs and healthy reef life with large fish … and more critters.

Banda Sea, Alor – In Alor & the Banda Sea, you’ll find clear waters full of masses of fish & loads of invertebrates … plus alluring critters. As to topography, you’ll find shear drops, huge pinnacles, great walls … all covered with rich & thriving corals which attract diverse fish life. Add to that, visiting pelagics and you have a magical mix.

Cenderawasih – The main draw here is the large community of whale sharks which stay year-round and feed off the fish tumbling from the villagers’ fishing platforms. You’ll also dive plunging vertical walls with prolific sponge life, see great schools of fish and may also have the opportunity to dive on Manokwari’s excellent WWII wrecks.

Halmahera – The largest island in the Maluku chain, features sparkling clear water, loads of fish, some super drift dives, healthy, thriving coral reefs, some fascinating mangroves with intriguing critters … and fabulous volcanic landscapes. Some of the sites border on the deep blue and put you up close to grey reef sharks, eagle rays and immense schools of blue fin trevally.

Lembeh Strait – The undisputed critter capital of the world, Lembeh Strait, will WOW you with its weird & wonderful species: stonefish, sea robins, stargazers, devil fish, weedy scorpion fish, ghost pipefish rhinopias, multiple species of frogfish, flamboyant cuttlefish, blue-ringed octopus, wonderpus & mimic octopus, coconut octopus & hairy octopus and oh my, the list goes on. In addition to simply finding the creature, you’re likely to have the opportunity to observe innate bahaviors which will fascinate.

Komodo – Perhaps the most diverse of all diving in the Indonesian archipelago. There are seamounts, walls, canyons and pinnacles as well as the spectacular coral gardens. There a hot spring at an underwater volcano, great night dives on black sand slopes with creepy, crawly critters. Numerous sites tout pelagic fish, sharks & mantas but, be assured that at each dive site, you’ll experience something different.

Misool – Pure beauty awaits you here. This pristine area is a protected reserve. You’ll dive amongst splendid corals, experience drift dives & swim throughs, see large schools of pelagic fish and brightly colored reef fish. There are mantas, too … and plenty of fabulous critter action for macro photographers.

Raja Ampat – Indonesia’s shining underwater star, Raja Ampat has something of nearly everything a diver could want. You’ll dive channels, plateaus, walls & caves … and just plain mud, for the delight of “muck” diving. You’ll swim amongst great swirls of fish and feast your eyes on sponges & corals in scintillating colors. You’ll meet up close & personal, everything from pygmy seahorses to colossal manta rays.

Togian (Togean) Islands – Known for great visibility, this island chain features large schools of fish which congregate around huge coral and sponge formations. There’s also a good stock of the smaller stuff and a few sites offer blue water exposure where you’ll see larger pelagic fish and passing sharks. The highlight for many divers is the wreck of a B24 Liberator bomber which is easily accessible.

Triton Bay – Divers love the whale sharks who visit the fishing platforms, but the true star of this region is a profusion of speculator soft corals gardens & the schooling fish – anthias, damsel fish, fusiliers, sweetlips & snappers. With lots of nutrients in the water, photographers beware : the viz is limited at many sites. But, you’ll love the massive black coral bushes, the drift and wall dives and the opportunities for critter hunting. {/sliders}



International flights generally arrive at one of the following airports:  Bali-Denpasar (DPS) … Jakarta (CGK)  … Manado (MDC).  We will be pleased to help you book your domestic flights through our Bali agent.

The boat’s scheduled departure time varies depending on current domestic airline schedules, which can change, so departure details are not listed here. We’ll inform you at time of booking and will keep you posted on any possible changes



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