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Philippines Anilao pink fan fish shutterstock 261263369 optBEST OF THE BAHAMAS
Bathe yourself in Bahamian delights
May 11 – 25, 2023

On this two-week Ultimate Bahamas tour you can expect not only the well-known highlights such as Tiger Beach and Miniwall but also exciting and sometimes previously undiscovered diving spots on the way to Cat Island where the Oceanic whitetips should be waiting..


The tiger sharks at Tiger Beach always seem to cooperate, coming to pose for exquisite portraits.  The Oceanic whitetip shark season begins at Cat Island at this time of year, so it is very likely that you will have them in front of your lens after cruising away from Tiger Beach. Then, the famous swimming pigs of “Pig Beach” in the Exumas are also on the program.   Plus, an interesting wreck is waiting for you along the way.

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Tiger Beach

The water is crystal clear, the sharks are super-sized. “Tiger Beach” is a dream for every photographer, filmmaker and adventurer!

Tiger Beach is not a single dive site, but rather a 40-50 km² shallow sea area “Little Bahama Banks of Grand Bahama Island”. All ships operating there have their own dive sites, which are usually 5 to 10m deep. Divers usually interact more with the female sharks than with the males who tend to hang out in deeper waters.

In addition to the shark dives in the shallow water area, the Bahamas Master also offers reef dives in lovely sites with voluminous soft corals and sponges. In addition to the corals, you will encounter Caribbean reef sharks, groupers, nurse sharks and plenty of other reef inhabitants.

Fish Tales / World’s End

One of our favorite dive sites. The diving depth is approx. 12 to 17 meters above the sandy bottom.  The so-called arena is surrounded by coral reefs and seagrass meadows. The tiger, reef, nurse and lemon sharks are a permanent part of the repertoire … but, you’re also likely to encounter bull sharks and big hammerhead sharks who mix in with the hustle and bustle.  Rays and turtles frolic in the seagrass meadows.  Stunning photo ops !

Sugar Wreck

Not much remains of a former freighter, but this site is worth a dive. Moray eels, sweetlips, small nurse sharks and lots of small schooling fish cavort between the rubble and the colorfully overgrown coral blocks. A tiger or reef shark can sometimes appear in the open water.

Cat Island

Miles of sandy beaches, turquoise water, tranquility and seclusion define Cat Island. You’ll find coral-laden walls, blue holes, numerous overhangs and drop-offs plus caves and a Spanish wreck, sunk in 1898. In addition, Cat Island is THE place in the Bahamas for Oceanic Whitetips and gigantic groupers.

Pig Beach, Big Major Cay

You may never have imagined yourself swimming with pigs … but this is one of the “thrills” on this Ultimate Bahamas trip. This is the official home of the “swimming pigs” that live wild on the beaches of Big Major Cay. How this small population, currently around 20 pigs, originally landed here is still an unsolved mystery but these swimming wonders will swim with you, entertain you with their antics and leave you with a smile on your face. Guaranteed.{/sliders}

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When in Tiger Beach area, dives 1-3 are scheduled baited dives during which divers are strategically positioned on the bottom facing the shark feeder. Extra weights help divers to maintain their position in the water as to fully enjoy the shark action.  Much of the diving in the Bahamas is comparatively shallow, which allows, after initial dives, for ‘open pool diving’ until sunset. 

When visiting other islands, you will always be on the look-out for the various species of shark and will have more traditional guided dives.  In some areas, after a thorough briefing, ‘open pool’ dives may also take place.

Depending on weather conditions and your location, a sunset or night dive may also be offered. Guests should bring along dive lamps, though of course, there are rental lights for those who need them!


This steel-hulled, ocean-going vessel, originally based in Panama, was built to withstand the occasional rough seas on the runs to and from Cocos and Malpelo, making her an ideal dive liveaboard in any environment.  There’s plenty of space for hanging out between dives. On the main deck towards the bow of the boat, you will find the indoor lounge with comfortable bean bags and a TV/DVD. The 52-inch Plasma TV with DVD and Bose surround sound stereo offer entertainment anytime you wish. Still and video cameras can be linked to the screen for photo and video viewing in the evenings.  Bahamas Master offers easy access to the water through a large dive platform with a ladder,a camera table with a rinse tank, low-pressure air hoses and storage … and two showers.

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Cruise dates:
May 11 – 25, 2023

Rates per person: 

Included in the rate:

14-night diving expedition from & to Freeport, Bahamas


If you arrive a day before embarkation, you’ll have enough time to relax at the pool or beach of your hotel or to visit the colorful small town. As the sun sets, you can plunge into the famous nightlife of this little Caribbean enclave after a stroll and some shopping. Rum, lobster from the grill and Caribbean rhythms will definitely get you ready for The Tigers !



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