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Magdalena Bay Marlins

These unique trips offer the excitement of gigantesque swirling baitballs in the Pacific Ocean surrounded by hungry, energized striped marlins & sea lions. You'll revel in an incredible experience which few divers have had

Marlins, Sea Lions & Bait Balls
October & November from $2500

Feeding Frenzy Spectacular

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unforgettable „Destination“ Moment

Mexico's Pacific Magic

Most of you know that off the west coast of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, scuba divers experience some of of the most exhilarating pelagic animal encounters anywhere on the planet. Set in the waters of the eastern Pacific Ocean, which is home to Galapagos, Cocos, Malpelo, the Revillagigedo Islands (Socorro), Guadalupe, Alaska … and all the territory in between … the chilly, nutrient-rich currents nourish hundreds of thousands of whales, mantas, dolphins, sharks & pelagic fish. Many of you, however, don’t know about Magdalena Bay … a large inlet on the coast filled with sardines & mackerel and their predators, the most thrilling of which are a sort of marine “fireworks” … the electrifying striped marlins.

Land-based Adventure

Magdalena Bay simply rocks and we are pleased to announce peak-season trips taking advantage of the best visibility and warmest water at the best time of year for bait balls and for snorkeling with striped marlin. Choose from several options including 4-night trips with hotel accommodation and 3 full days on the water with two guides and maximum 4 guests from $2150. Other trips available up to 7 nights with photo professionals leading the trip.

Visit our Charters & Special Expeditions section to find all dates, rates and other details. Choose destination BAJA.

Zippy Marlins ... Dynamic Sea Lions ... Coordinated Hunting

Striped marlins are some of the fastest and most agile fish in the ocean. They attain speeds up to 80 kilometers per hour / 50 miles per hour and spectacularly change the color of their stripes with their moods. Sadly, marlins are prized trophy fish and sport fishing has been the major “industry” to hold court in the waters off Mexico until recently. There is a new eco-tourism effort growing in Magdalena Bay and by travelling there, divers can help the locals to believe in the concept that the marlins are worth more alive than hanging on someone’s wall.

You’ll be watching for circling sea birds. It’s nearly 100% certain that wherever there are large throngs of sea birds there are bait balls just below the surface …. and marlins & sea lions enjoying a feast. There can be hundreds of fast-moving bait falls with up to 20 or 30 marlins in rapid pursuit. Joining the excitement are loads of sea lions who find the sardines & mackerel to be equally tasty morsels and are also expert hunters. Most of the time, the marlins and sea lions seem to work in a coordinated effort to herd and to split the bait balls to more easily capture the prey. You should also see plenty of dolphins and loads of wahoo.

Of course, the sea birds (pelicans, different species of gulls, boobie birds, frigate birds, shearwaters and even the awe inspiring albatross) are constantly dropping in from above to get their fair share and sometimes tuna joining the action from below. It’s exotic marine madness.

While it’s best to snorkel or free dive around the bait balls there will be plenty of scuba diving opportunities on your week long trip with massive schools of fish & turtles. Adding interest during this voyage is a visit to the surprisingly intact WWI submarine as well as the wreck of the steamship “Independence” in which 150 people sadly perished.

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