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Bull sharks mix in with great hammerheads. All together they provide simply awesome action, especially for photographers. From November each year, the hammerheads begin to arrive at Bimini. They are en masse in February & March, then disappear by the end of April.

Hammers & Bulls ... Bimini, Bahamas
from November to April

Mysterious Migration

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unforgettable „Destination“ Moment

Just A Little Winter Vacation ?

The scientists honestly don’t know. There is little available information at the moment regarding where they come from and why – except that they definitely appreciate the gourmet taste of the resident sting rays! The fantastic news for divers is that their presence provides an extraordinary shark diving experience.

Giant Predators ... Fantastic Viz

Ranging in length up to 20 feet, the Great Hammerhead rivals the Tiger Shark in size while their prehistoric head shape makes them curiously alluring. Divers will enjoy crystal clear water with great visibility (often 80 – 100 feet) and temps of around 25’C (78’F).

The hammerheads are remarkably willing to come close to divers and photographers revel in the opportunity to get simply amazing shots. These enormous and graceful sharks will swim inches from your camera as they meander across the sandy sea floor.

Despite their reputation, the bull sharks are rarely aggressive (although you will certainly see assertive behavior during the encounters). And, because you’ll be diving sites relative close to deep water, it is possible that other sharks, most commonly tiger & reef sharks, will join the party!

Photo Ops Galore

The delicate look of the white sandy bottom creates startling contrast to the intense color of the water and the power & size of the animals …. providing opportunities for photographers which were designed in Paradise. If you’re a shark lover, these are trips you need to place firmly in your bucket list.

We work with the most reliable operators here. Trips are mostly, but not exclusively, land-based … with the diving being minutes away from your accommodation.

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February and March tend to offer the greatest mass of sharks at Bimini … but the migration usually starts in November and the last of the sharks seem to move on to other hunting grounds by April. We can organize land-based trips for the great hammerheads at Bimini…

Ferox Liveaboard

Ferox Expeditions

Ferox, a muscular 32-meter (105-foot) ice-classed vessel was refitted in 2018 and is now home-away-from home for 12 guests on a Malpelo diving trip of a lifetime. Ferox has a solid steel hull, all new machinery & electronics, as well as an extensive list of safety equipment including three 6m, self righting, former Fast Rescue Boats that were operated in the rough conditions of the North Sea. This vessel is built to withstand the sometimes challenging seas in the waters around Colombia & Malpelo. Not a luxury vessel, she’s a good choice for adventure divers … and Malpelo is certainly adventure diving. Managed by her owner Captain Anthony Cruz, Ferox has proved herself imminently capable as a Malpelo liveaboard, having recently completed a 7000 mile trans-Atlantic voyage.

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