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Silver Bank Humpbacks

We carefully choose operations where you can easily & safely swim with the whales & where the animals are protected & respected. The stunning Silver Bank in the Caribbean offers clear, relatively warm water where you'll have carefully monitored encounters with awesome humpbacks.

Humpback whales in the Caribbean
Dates available in 2025 & 2026

Silver Bank Humpbacks

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unforgettable „Destination“ Moment

Silver Bank, Dominican Republic .... A Sanctuary For Ocean Giants

The Silver Bank lies in a Marine Sanctuary – an area 1680 square kilometers (about 650 square miles), located north of the Dominican Republic and approximately the same distance from the Turks & Caicos Islands.

The Silver Bank provides a safe wintering haven, from January until April, for a vast majority of the North Atlantic Humpback Whale population who gather here by the thousands to court, mate, calve, and rear their young. The banks offer safety and protection to females and their calves until the young are strong enough to make the trip back to the North Eastern U.S. coast.

You will have the opportunity to slip gently & quietly over the side of your tender, often to end up nearly nose-to-nose with an ocean giant. We can’t say this enough times … there is simply nothing like it.

One of the beauties is that this is an ocean activity for divers & non-divers alike, as diving is not allowed with the whales. The buzz is that they don’t like the bubbles (perhaps the sound of our breathing ?). But, the bottom line is that if you are comfortable in the water, can swim and snorkel … this experience can be yours.

To watch a mother humpback teaching her calf to breathe, dive & resurface … to watch the calves gain strength and frolic like any earth animal … is nothing short of spectacular. And, the calves tend to be quite curious … so don’t be surprised if they come close to check you out ! No worries, however. You’ll always have a professional with your small group to ensure that all snorkelers are on their best “whale behavior” …. and that those HUGE babies don’t come TOO close !

The whales are indeed immense … but the sheer grace they exhibit in the water is comparable to the finest ballet ever danced on a stage. And, when one of these beauties approaches you and stares into your eyes … you’ll never doubt the intelligence & spirit of the being you’re facing. It’s a moment you’ll never forget ….

We work with three operators whose trips run January to early April :

Sea Hunter
Aggressor Fleet
Aquatic Adventures
Conscious Breath Adventures

You’ll find overviews of the programs below.  Don’t hesitate to contact us for additional details or to book.  You will find spaces available to the general public by clicking on the Live Search for Spaces buttons.

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Aquatic Adventures

T & C Explorer II Expeditions

The poppular Turks & Caicos Explorer II begins its trek following humpback whales migrating south, and spends the following 11 weeks (through the end of March) on the Silver Bank. You can join Humpback Whale expert Tom Conlin of Aquatic Adventures for one of his unique “Whales of the Silver Bank” expeditions. He’s been working with these whales for more than 25 years. Snorkelers have the rare opportunity, not watch from a crowded tour boat, but actually enter the water and swim with majestic humpback whales while they fulfill an instinctual migrating ritual before the inquisitive eyes of visiting snorkelers. It’s incredible! These special itineraries offer up to 18 lucky guests the opportunity to spend a week both topside and in the water (snorkel only), experiencing the majesty of these incredible creatures. And, Tom loves transmitting the knowledge he’s gained over all of these years, so you’ll benefit from both his hard work and his passion.
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Aggressor Adventures

T & C Aggressor II Expeditions

The lovely Turks and Caicos Aggressor II is another excellent choice for swimming with humpback whales at the Silver Bank. The Turks & Caicos Aggressor II has two 17 ft. long by 7 ft. wide, aluminum V-hull boats with 18 ” pontoons that hold 11 people in each one. They are fitted with a dive ladder for easy exiting, a full-length bimini top for sun protection, 2 50 hp 4-stroke Yamaha engines for extra safety and a VHF radio. Inflatables (with bimini tops) are launched several times daily and are solely used to bring you closer to the whales. Inflatable runs last one and a half to three hours depending on the proximity of whale activity and time of day. During your week with the whales you will have the opportunity to observe then at close range …. both from above-the-water viewings and “soft” in-water encounters.
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Conscious Breath Adventures

Sea Hunter Expeditions

One of the 3 operators we highly recommend is Conscious Breath Adventures. Their trips are on the fabulous Sea Hunter (of Cocos Island fame). Not only do these trips receive rave reviews, Gene Flipse is a force to be reckoned with in the world of whale conservation. In any of the encounters here in the Silver Bank, participants may use mask, snorkel and fins; but no SCUBA or rebreather equipment of any type is allowed. Because it is snorkeling-only, the experience of swimming with the humpback whales is open to participants of all skill levels. By entering the water quietly and floating peacefully as a group, the participants minimize any disturbance to the whales and then allow the whale to choose to approach or not. It is an encounter in their environment, on their terms. You may never have more supreme moments in the water …. Your home away from home on this adventure will be the Sea Hunter. She’s 115 feet & takes up to 20 guests in 10 individually decorated cabins.

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