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Spring Humpbacks At Socorro

Just after the New Year, humpback whales arrive at the Socorro Islands in an annual migration from the cooler waters of Alaska & Canada. Hundreds of them! This is an epic journey through open ocean ... thousands of miles to the small islands of the Revillagigedos Archipelago of Mexico.

Socorro (Revillagigedo Islands) Mexico
January to April migration

Humpbacks & Giant Mantas

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Unforgotable „Destination“ Moment

Morning Coffee And Humpack Whales

The excellent vessels in the waters around Socorro provide plenty opportunities for diving encounters with humpbacks at this time of year. Many of the whales have known the boats since birth and the liveaboards have been a constant companion during winter months for many of the whales. The crews say it’s not uncommon for the whales to stop by to say hello during morning coffee!

Comical Antics & Plaintive Songs

Regardless of which vessel you dive with, you will most likely have the opportunity to observe fascinating courting behavior. Up to fifteen different males will surround a single female, and pose for her! Upside down, sideways, and even at the surface.

The plaintive song of the humpback whale is heard on nearly every dive in Socorro during February and March. The song is complex, and once heard, never forgotten. The whales change the song each year for reasons yet to be established by the scientific community.

Topside encounters are common, and the tender drivers are used to slowly approaching a group of whales so as not to disturb them.

Giant Mantas & Mighty Humpbacks

One minute you’re diving with sharks and mantas …. then suddenly you’re just a few feet away from some of the largest animals on earth. All on their terms, their conditions. What could be more spectacular?

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