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Moorea, French Polynesia

The clarity of the water & the excellent visibility areexceptional here. Moorea, with its large annual congregation of humpbacks, offers whale encounters of a unique quality ... and this expedition, based at a traditional Polynesian "pension" offers the full flavor of Polynesian life.

Swim, snorkle and explore
September & October 2024

Humpbacks Of Idyllic Moorea

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Unforgotable „Destination“ Moment

Humpbacks ... Sharks ... Rays ... Dolphins

In the water, you’re most likely to encounter singing humpback whale bulls, playful babies with their worried mothers and groups of 6 to 9 males courting females. Along with the whales, you can also expect spinner & round-head dolphins, pilot whales, lemon sharks, oceanic whitetip sharks, blacktip sharks, and plenty of sting rays & eagle rays.

There are always a few days when the whales don’t play along … or the sea conditions aren’t right … but, this 14-day trip has been designed to allow plenty of “buffer” time to ensure that you get the most in-water experiences possible.

Please note that there can be quite a number of other boats in the water but your guides have the experience to get you to locations …. and at the right time … to avoid the crowds most of the time. That’s why other activities are offered. It allows your trip leaders to work around busy days with other boats who often put too many snorkelers in the water, which agitates the animals.

Moorea's Terra Firma Delights

On the off-days, you have the option of exploring Moorea’s land majesty. There are spectacular hikes to the mountain peaks with breathtaking views of the turquoise blue lagoon; there’s a visit to the Rotui juice factory with tasting of local liqueurs; you can make a visit to “Pineapple Valley” and the nearby belvedere viewpoint. In addition, kayaks are always available for rent so you can explore and snorkel in the lagoon amongst the coral bommies.

Traditional Polynesian Pension

You will be based in a relaxed & comfortable “pension” … the Residence Linareva or similar. Each room is en-suite and some have their own kitchen, sitting area and terrace. Some feature sea views. And, it’s just a few steps from your bed to the whale boat, which picks up daily from the property’s private jetty.

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