pen ink well goldTruly Exceptional Dive Odysseys ... a note from Dom

Every special expedition here is my own personal "Dream Trip".   If I could be out there diving all of the time, I wouldn't miss even one of these voyages, but, alas, I have to leave most of them to you !   There's a trip to whet the appetite of nearly every diver, taking you to virtually every "corner" of the globe ... read more ...

The trips here come & go (so to speak) .... but, depending on season & availability, you'll find trips such as expeditions to the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia ... swimming with Sperm Whales in Dominica .... Full Moon trips in Palau featuring spawning madness .... Norway Orca expeditions & polar diving at opposite "ends" of the earth.  

We bring you alluring 14-night trips in the Solomon Islands ...  heart-pumping 10-night trips in the Galapagos Islands ... once or twice a year a superb Socorro & Guadalupe combination ... a wide variety of special whale & shark diving trips ... voyages led by photo-pros ....

The list long !  So .... pick your poison .... and join us for an adventure of a lifetime .... When you're ready to hear more, I'm an email or a phone call away and will respond to your request with any additional details that you wish.     Cheers, Dom 

Unique Adventures

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Each trip here is unique, special, extraordinary .... something you'll do once in your lifetime

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Exclusive Charters

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We charter our favorite liveaboards in the finest dive destinations at the best time to be there.

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Focus on Whales

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Being nose-to-nose with a giant of the oceans creates joyful palpitations of the heart. 

Swim with the Whales

Shark Encounters

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The Dive Advice team is simply "shark-mad".  Join us here for some of our sharkiest adventures.

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Photo Expeditions

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Join one (or more) of the titillating expeditions with some seriously talented photo-pros.

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Polar Voyages

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King Penguins to Arctic Reindeer, Leopard Seals to Narwhals ... these trips never cease to amaze.

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Wreck & Tech

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See a list of liveaboards & resorts offering tech support + a list of great tech & wreck trips !

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Add a sumptuous safari onto your diving trip ... or stay dry this time around & just talk to the animals !

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Customized, Personalized Dive Odysseys