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Santo Island Dive

Amongst the numerous operators who can take you to the President Coolidge, our recommendation is Santo Island Dive. They'll guide you through all the wrecks & arrange other diving, too, if you wish.



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Superb Way To Visit The Coolidge

In addition to wreck diving, Santo Island Dive can also arrange reef diving with leisurely drift dives & exploration of offshore bombies.

But, in Vauatu, the wreck of the President Coolidge, sunk by mines during WWII, remains the big draw.

This magnificent vessel lies in her final resting place, only meters from the shore.   With the bow at 20 meters & stern at 65 meters, she’s the largest most accessible wreck dive in the world.

Divers can swim with local guides through many of her compartments to see the amazing array of military equipment left behind.

You can also dive the destroyer USS Tucker, which suffered a similar fate at the other end of the Channel months earlier.

The Henry Bonnard, an Island trader purposely sunk as a dive site. adds to the unique pieces of history in the waters of Espiritu Santo.

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The dives on the President Coolidge are rated some of the best wreck dives in the world.   See more information on our Vanuatu page ….

Canyons, Corals, Caves & Swim-throughs, Too

We’ve included a few words about the other diving you’ll encounter in Vanuatu, should your visit allow yo the time …..

Tutuba Point is a dive where you drop into the water from the boat and enjoy a vista of canyons and coral, caves and swim throughs. Great visibility makes this dive with reef sharks, lobsters, dolphins, turtles and an abundance of fish life a most pleasant dive.

Richards Place is a newly discovered and unexplored seamount in the middle of Aore Bay – only accessible by boat.   Depth ranges from 10 -27 meters.   Huge gardens of staghorn coral hide a multitude of fish species.  Every turn has something new to offer including turtles, reef shark & large schools of fish that follow you around beautiful coral gardens.

Spy Plane Wreck is located at the edge of the drop off into the Segond Channel on Aore Island.   This single seater rests on the bottom broken into three sections.  The propellor blades give an indication of the impact.  A multitude of of small fish species live inside the twisted wreckage while all around the area corals, fish and bombies tempt the photographer.

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