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Uepi Island Resort

Uepi Island is a true tropical paradise, covered with lush vegetation & uninhabited ... with the exception of the resort. AND it's surrounded by some of the most pristine diving on the planet.

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About as remote as it gets

Uepi Island is long and narrow, approximately 2.5 km long and 300 metres wide, and the whole area, aside from the resort’s cultivated tropical gardens, is covered with tropical rainforest interspersed with walking tracks. Uepi Resort is the only habitation of this remote island.

A classic raised barrier reef island, Uepi is outlined by fringing reef and sandy beach. It is flanked by the warm lagoon waters on one side and the oceanic depths (6000ft/2000m) of “The Slot”, a deep marine abyss, on the other.

When we talk about the lagoon, we’re talking about Marovo Lagoon, a name familiar to many divers. Marovo Lagoon is the longest saltwater lagoon in the world. The two major volcanic islands of Vangunu and New Georgia bound it on its southern and western sides. The northern boundary consists of 130 kms of raised barrier reef with about 100 individual islands along its length.

A smaller third volcanic island, Gatakae Island, occupies the southeastern corner. The inner lagoon also has numerous islands. With its many and complex terrestrial and marine habitats, the natural beauty and environment of Marovo Lagoon is outstanding.

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Kick back …. or stay active …. it’s strictly your choice

Uepi is a great place for divers and non-divers alike to vacation, as the resort offers plenty of activities in addition to diving – a great swimming beach, superb snorkeling, sea kayaking, tropical trails for leisurely strolls, plus visits to villages on nearby islands can be easily arranged.


One of the attractions of Uepi is the small number of guests sharing this beautiful island. Although there are 26 beds, approximately 20 guests is considered to be a full house. There are six spacious, well appointed bungalows for families or couples, two units and two guest rooms. All rooms have private bathroom with ambient temperature showers and toilet facilities.

Bathrooms are supplied with a range of natural plant/mineral based toiletries; hand wash, body wash, shampoo and conditioner. These toiletries are made by Western Australian company, Envirocare Earth, are 100% biodegradable and are based on organic, locally sourced ingredients.

There are 4 beach front bungalows, 2 garden bungalows set back from the water just a bit, 2 large double bungalow units located back from the beach but with a lagoon view (these share a common wall, but are otherwise totally separate) … and finally, 2 similar but smaller units, one with a kitchenette.


Breakfast and the evening meal are served in the “leaf haus” dining deck at the main house. Lunches are delivered to your accommodation.

All meals are based on fresh locally grown organic produce sourced from nearby villages and the freshest premium seafood. Uepi has a kitchen garden on site, growing most of the resort’s salad vegetables and fruit. Excellent chickens and eggs are also produced locally for the resort.

The comfortable ‘leaf haus’ bar adjoins the dining area and offers selected imported wines, the well regarded local “Solbrew’ beer plus limited imported beer, a variety of spirits and mixers.

Surprisingly diverse dive sites

Some of the superb dive sites are located just minutes from the dive shop and the rest are all within a few-minute boat ride. There’s fabulous coral and breath-taking drop-offs and an incredible variety of life, ranging from pelagics to nudibranchs, with a bit of muck diving thrown in for good measure!

Rarely will you view such diverse concentrations of marine-life in such a varied environment, ranging from lagoon coral gardens to vertical drop-offs into 2000 metres of ocean (The Slot) mostly within the confines of a three kilometre stretch of reef.

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