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Nautilus Gallant Lady

Nautilus Gallant Lady adds to the Nautilus Fleet & increases the spaces available to divers in the Sea of Cortez. She's 116 feet (35 meters) but accommodates just 12 guests.

“Gallant Lady, completely refit in 2020, takes only 12 divers to some seriously exciting encounters with pelagic animals. Diving with only a dozen people is ideal in my mind & brings back happy memories of the Red Sea liveaboard I worked on in the ’80’s … but, the real excitement here revolves around all the marine life in the islands we know as Socorro. Pelagic diving supreme !” Dominick Macan

Gallant Lady Exterior

On Board Nautilus Gallant Lady

2 main deck TWIN / DOUBLE cabins
2 beds or 1 large king bed
(the premium cabin has a full-sized bath tub)
3 lower deck TWIN / DOUBLE cabins
2 beds or 1 large king
1 lower deck TWIN cabin
2 twin beds

All are en-suite & have individually controlled AC and standard north American power sockets

80 cu. ft. aluminium tanks
dive from skiffs & occasionally from the platform on the main vessel
aqualung gear rental available (request in advance)
nitrox available (at extra charge)
water temperature: 78-82F, 26-28C
5mm wetsuit recommended

accommodation & diving
meals, snacks & non-alcoholic beverages
compressed air, tanks, weights & weight belts
trip DVD

airport transfers to hospitality suite or hotel
nitrox & dive gear
wines, imported & domestic beers, spirits
port fee (to be paid in cash on board)

Refit & Ready For Action

Nautilus Gallant Lady has been totally refit to please the crowds. The boat is topped by a crow’s nest, great for spotting animal movements. The bridge, located below the crow’s nest, is open 24 hours a day to guests and just behind the bridge, you’ll find the open-air sky lounge, featuring comfortable seating (sofa-style benches, lounge chairs & deck chairs). This area is terrific for sun-lovers …. and for star-watchers at night.

On the large bow section of the main deck you’ll find the hot tub and cushioned seating. Inside on this level is a well-equipped dining room / salon with TV, DVD, sound system and plenty of CDs and movie.

The dive deck is at the aft and 2 suites are also found mid-ship on the main deck. The remaining 4 suites are on the lower deck.

All of the Nautilus vessels are all known for their “good eats”. On Gallant Lady you’ll enjoy a combination of Mexican and West Coast North American cuisine with home-baked snacks and drinks between dives. On board is a wide selection of beer, wine and alcohol from the ship’s bar. The chef will do everything possible to accommodate special dietary needs. Please let us know your needs when you book.

Travel & Cruise Logistics

Socorro:  We recommend that you fly into Cabo San Lucas (airport code SJD)  at least 1 day before departure. It’s a one-day sail from Cabo out to Socorro which means your liveaboard cannot wait for guests who have missing luggage or missed their flight.  Arrive early to be safe !   Sealine Cabo Transfers is the recommended transportation to and from Cabo San Lucas.  We can help to make arrangements.  See Creatures, the dive center operated by Nautilus Liveaboards, is located beside the main lobby of the Tesoro Hotel in downtown Cabo San Lucas. Feel free to drop in as soon as you’ve arrived to get set up with any equipment you may need for the trip. There’s also a complimentary warmup dive for anyone heading out to Socorro (please book in advance),   You’ll be expected to meet at the dive center no later than 7 pm on the first day of your cruise. The boat is just a short walk from the dive center and boarding is at 8 pm. Appetizers and champagne will await you as you board.

Gallant Lady will normally arrive back in port on the final day by by 8:30 a.m. We highly recommend booking an outward flight after 11:30 a.m.


Layout & Specs

View the deck & cabin layout


Length: 116 ft
Beam: 22 ft
Built: USA – Broward luxury yachts
Certified: ISM safety certified
Guests: 12 guests in 6 en-suite suites


Air fills


1700 HP Caterpillar engine power


Full complement of navigational equipment


Internet access & satellite phone


Nautilus ships have the same safety certificates as the largest ocean going cruise ships including PSSC, ISM, GMDSS and ISPS certificates.


Captains, mates and engineers have professional commercial mariner qualifications.
All crew have STCW emergency duty training, security awareness, first aid and marine medicals.


The yacht is available in the Sea of Cortez (Cabo Pulmo Bull Sharks) from July to November and Socorro from November to June.   Private charters to the Sea of Cortez are also available   Contact us for details  ….

SOCORRO: highlights & sample 8-night itinerary

Socorro itinerary & highlights:

Giant Pacific manta rays are, as you certainly know, the number ONE draw on this diving adventure.  But you have plenty more in store.  At “The Canyon”, one of many popular sites, divers have spotted schooling hammerhead sharks, Galapagos sharks, silky sharks, duskies, white tips, dolphins and even an whale shark.  It’s long been known that the mantas appear to truly revel in human interaction but, over the past few years, the dolphins have taken up the behavior of the mantas, in terms of interacting with divers and you’ll find them delightfully playful.  This region of the Pacific Ocean also offers loads of lovely reef fish, huge swirls of jacks, wahoo, barracuda & giant dogtooth tuna, handsome octopus, copious quantities of turtles and scorpion fish hiding in crevices. Even the occasional marlin can be sighted.  And, spring is the season when the humpback whales migrate along the west coast of North America.  Divers often find themselves in the water with the whales from early January through March.

  • Day 1: Boarding is at 8pm and when everyone is settled, the boat will be underway.
  • Day 2: This is a day at sea. Bring a good book and relax. Orientation will be held the next morning, followed by safety drills. The boat should arrive at San Benedicto Island that evening.
  • Days 3-7: For five full dive days you will be able to enjoy an average of 4 dives per day. There’s a mandatory check-in at the Mexican Navy base one day so you will have 3 dives plus a silky shark night snorkel. The number of daily dives is, of course, wholly dependent upon conditions. And there are plenty of activities to occupy your time when you’re not diving: kayaks and paddle boards, shoreline tours, humpback whale watching (January to April), manta ID in the late afternoon and after-dinner presentations.
  • Day 8:Most likely you will get underway very early this morning for the voyage back to Cabo San Lucas
  • Day 9: You’ll disembark the boat in Cabo at 8:30 am for either SJD airport or the dive center in Cabo San Lucas.

Sea of Cortez itinerary & highlights:

Over-fishing nearly ruined the Sea of Cortez until the locals stepped in a few years ago to ensure its protection.  Happily, we can report that whale sharks are still resident seasonally off La Paz and the packs of enchanting sea lions at Los Islotes never left. Humpback whales still pass through on their annual winter migration and the immense schools of fish are back as strong as ever. Divers have observed hammerhead sharks at two of the islands and at the tiny islet of La Reina the mantas have returned. They aren’t as abundant as they were years ago but they’re back ! Finally, when conditions are right, you should be able to dive with some ferocious-looking bull sharks at Cabo Pulmo.

  • Day 1 – meet at the dive center in Cabo at 4;30 then go to the boat. Sunset cocktails then an overnight cruise to your first destination
  • Day 2–4 – Explore the southern Sea of Cortez, its islands and its reefs. You should have mantas & sharks in addition to the sea lions
  • Day 5 – Dive Cabo Pulmo with its resident bull sharks, other sharks and massive schools of fish. Cruise overnight to Cabo.
  • Day 6 – Disembark at 8am.

Are you joining a Nautilus trip to Guadalupe or Socorro after your Sea of Cortez voyage ? Nautilus will take care of all the arrangements for getting you to your next liveaboard.


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