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Red Sea Liveaboards

Red Sea is one of the most electrifying experiences of any diver's life. If I live (and dive) until I'm 100, I'll never get enough of this mystical, magical, rousing environment.

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Blue Adventurer

The Blue Adventurer is a 32-meter (105-foot) yacht accommodating up to 22 guests in 12 cabins. Her focus is on the northern Red Sea & its wrecks ... but she does a few cruises per year to the south.
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Blue Horizon

The Blue Horizon is a 41-meter (134-foot) yacht accommodating 26 guests in 9 cabins & cruising the whole of the Egyptian Red Sea from the Straits of Tiran to St John's in the deep south.
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Blue Melody

Blue Melody is a 38-meter (125-foot) yacht accommodating 26 guests in 13 cabins. She offers diving mainly in the northern Red Sea with a focus on great wrecks, luscious corals & specialty shark trips.
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Red Sea Aggressor II

Red Sea Aggressor II is a 42-meter (138-foot) 22-passenger yacht which takes divers from Hurghada to explore the wonders of the Northern Red Sea, Ras Mohamed & Straits of Tiran.
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Red Sea Aggressor III

The 40-meter (130-foot) Red Sea Aggressor III accommodates up to 24 guests. Her itineraries focus on the best of the southern Red Sea diving; the Brothers, Daedalus, Elphinstone & St Johns.

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