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Fish ‘n’ Fins

Fish 'n Fins is virtually synonymous with diving in Palau. Rest assured that you'll absolutely dive the best of Palau with them, including some of the great wreck sites. Land-based diving doesn't get better.

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You're With Absolute Pros Here

Speak with any diver who has dived with this operation and you’ll hear nothing but accolades. Owned & operated by the owners of the fabulous Ocean Hunter liveaboards, you are in excellent hands here.

If you wish to be land-based you can stay anywhere in Koror and be within walking distance of Fish ‘n Fins to board your dive boat.

The daily two-tank dive leaves the dock at about 8:30 in the morning, returning in the afternoon. A third dive of the day and night dives are available locally.

Boats are equipped with marine radio and have shaded areas for protection against the sun.  Drinks and snacks are provided on the boat.   Most boats have a capacity of 6 or 8 divers to ensure that small groups of divers are grouped for similar skills an interests wherever possible.

Nitrox and fifteen litre tanks are available and Fish ‘n Fins is a full technical diving facility.   They offer guided technical excursions and cater for all needs including Deep, Wreck and CCR Rebreather divers.

And, it’s easy to combine diving here with a trip on Ocean Hunter III.

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The Diving & What To Expect

You’ll find a flexible dive itinerary customized according to divers’ wishes & the team’s expert knowledge of the best dive sites for the day’s conditions.

The morning dive trip leaves around 8:30am and returns anywhere from 3:30-5:30pm, earlier or later at your request.   Here’s what to expect:

  • in between two dives, you’ll take a one-hour surface interval in a beautiful snorkel spot where you can explore around the Rock Islands
  • lunch, a picnic on a Rock Island beach, is usually after the two dives
  • included in your first diving day is a snorkel stop at the intact & shallow Zero warplane, the giant Tridacna clams, or, if you’d prefer … the Milky Way, where you’ll be in for a traditional treatment: Palauan white clay masks with a private lagoon for a spa
  • to and from your diving, you’ll see WWII relics, ancient red cave paintings, and the famous Rock Island Arch

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