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Palau Liveaboards

Palau is one of the most electrifying experiences of any diver's life. If I live (and dive) until I'm 100, I'll never get enough of this mystical, magical, rousing environment.

PalauAggressor Ext1opt786

Black Pearl

Palau's Black Pearl is 47 meters (153 feet) of luxury yacht with 11 cabins taking 22 guests. She will carry divers to all the traditional exciting scuba sites in the Palau waters.
Ocean Hunter III opt786

Ocean Hunter III

The 29-metre Ocean Hunter III represents years of knowledge in the liveaboard industry and was designed by divers for divers ... especially photographers. She dives the best of Palau.
PalauAggressor Ext1opt786

Palau Aggressor II

The Palau Aggressor II, like her sister ship, Rock Islands Aggressor, is 106-foot (32-meter) catamaran with a 30-foot beam. She is stable and comfortable and ideal for the waters of Palau.
PalauSirenExt1 opt786

Palau Siren

The 40-metre (131-foot) Palau Siren offers comfortable luxury, accommodating up to 16 guests in spacious quarters. She dives the best of Palau's fabulous sites.
RIA Yacht14 XL Ext opt

Rock Islands Aggressor

The Rock Islands Aggressor, a spacious catamaran specifically built for diving, is 106-feet (32-meters) long. She dives the waters of Palau including the world-famous Blue Corner.
Solitude One Glowing 786 opt

Solitude One

Solitude One, a 52-meter (171 foot) steel-hulled merchant vessel, was transformed into a stunning diving yacht. She is now offering 7 & 10 day programs diving the best of Palau.

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