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The only dive resort in East Sumbawa, Indonesia which is truly remote: Kalimaya resort shares the island with NO other dive centers and NO other boats on divesites. Talk about a hidden gem.

You have to see it to believe it ....

The feeling to be isolated from the rest of the world is one of the most freeing sensations any man or woman dreams of. Combine that with diving in stellar diversit with no other divers present, and you have a pretty incredbile paradise cocktail. When talking about a getaway this is definitely it….. Dominick Macan

Almost every little place on earth seems to be established, discovered and explored – but yet there still corners that have escaped… We have been fortunate enough to find one of those untouched places, here in the heart of Indonesia.


Kalimaya Dive Resort provides top-notch accommodations in the form of big waterfront bungalows.

Each bungalow, exceeding 30 square meters (including balcony, room, and bathroom), features generous queen-sized beds, air conditioning, private bathrooms complete with open outdoor showers, ample storage space, a well-equipped work desk and chair ideal for photo editing, and a delightful private covered terrace—a perfect retreat to unwind after an exhilarating day of diving.

Kalimaya’s huts are crafted in the traditional Indonesian style by local teams, utilizing a blend of Teak and Mahogany sourced from nearby farms. These are designed to ensure the highest level of guest satisfaction, blending with the lush natural surroundings teeming with local flora and fauna.


At this cozy resort, things are done  bit differently. Forget fancy individual servings – we serve all our meals family-style on a huge communal table. Kalimaya is one of the rare spots in Indonesia where you get all the perks of an all-inclusive deal. Our menu is a wild mix of Indonesian, Asian, and international flavors, keeping your taste buds on their toes!

Nestled between two small villages that live off fishing and farming, Kalimaya Dive Resort is all about local vibes. The resort pledges to get meat, fish, and veggies straight from these nearby villages. It’s a win-win: support the local community and score the freshest ingredients around. When it comes to fish, we keep it real traditional, using outrigger boats with small nets or canoes with a single line and hook. Old-school style!



Kalimaya Dive Resort is located in East Sumbawa Indonesia- to the east of Bali and Lombok and to the immediate west of Komodo National Park and Flores island.

The resort offers a unique diving experience in West Komodo’s lesser-known spots. Unlike the usual sites accessible from Labuan Bajo, we skip the mainstream ones. This means you’ve got a great chance of having these untouched dive sites all to yourself.

Get ready for some high-speed action at Gili Banta, where the Pacific and Indian oceans collide, creating a hotspot for fish of all sizes. It’s a party for schools of fish, sharks, octopuses, stunning corals, and even manta rays cruising through. It’s a marine fiesta!

Dive into the lively Sangean Volcano, home to a renowned black sand volcanic reef. The bubbling bottom creates a hotspot for diverse marine life, from quirky ocean floor critters to vibrant “black coral” in various colors.

Diving along the Sumbawa coast, especially the house reef, is like entering a marine wonderland. Here, you can encounter a bunch of cool creatures, from paddleflap rhinopea (they’ve got three of those!), bumblebee shrimp, octopuses, nudibranchs, eels, and stingrays to the fascinating frogfish, just to name a few.

Given the extreme desirability of this area for photographers, the dive center has been designed and built to meet all the needs of amateur & professional videographers and photographers.

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