Selayar Dive Resort

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Founded by a man with just a backpack and a compressor, the story of the first resort in South Sulawesi is as impressive as the nature that surrounds it, both underwater as on land. 

The First Ever Resort in South Sulawesi

More than 20 years ago, the owner of Selayar Resort discovered this hidden gem while travelling solo. Loaded with just a tent and a compressor, Jochen saw potential where no one else saw it. The result is a breathtaking mixture of beach bungalows and villas, a private beach overlooking the ocean and exceptionally good diving


Stellar Accommodation

The resort comprises nine bungalows and a set of luxurious beach villas. Although there was space to build more accommodation on the island, for owner Jochen, space and intimacy always took priority over a large number of guests.  

The beach bungalows offer a fantastic ocean view, directly from the soft pillows of your bed. Furnished with solid wood and rattan furniture, the bungalows are cosy and traditional. The fan, air conditioning and mosquito nets ensure that you will enjoy a well-deserved rest.   

For those looking for a touch of luxury, the two beach villas offer a more exclusive living experience. These spacious 75mvillas with semi open tropical bathroom offer all the comforts of home in the unique natural surroundings Indonesia is famous for.   

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    House Reef Madness

    The house reefs around Selayar Resort make for some exceptional diving just a whisker away from your private beach stay.  A stunning drop-off surrounds the resort offering spectacular corals, turtles, sea snakes and an incredible variety of macro such as pygmy sea horses.  

    The diversity of the surroundings doesn’t end there. Just 10 minutes away from the resort, larger life forms are bursting out of the ocean: schools of snappers, jacks and bannerfish will whizz by you before you enter the shark zone where white tip and grey reef sharks will be patrolling! This area is furthermore ideal for encountering large marble rays, tuna and napoleons, as well as eagle rays passing overhead. 

    Not just macro and 'the big stuff' surround the resort, there are also caves and overhangs which allow you to explore these pristine waters in a completely different way every single day of the year! 

    Selayar is a place where you can truly enjoy the spectacular marine wonders that Indonesia is renowned for from the luxury of spacious, ocean-oriented accommodation. If this isn't it, then we don't know what is! 

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    The Diversity of Selayar

    One of the incredibly cool things about this place, is that it doesn't just offer for great marine spectacles. The island is full of animals that are hardly spotted anywhere else on the world: birds, small reptiles, marsupials, varans and even wildboars. Selayar's unique landscape, unusual rock formations – full of caves and waterfalls – and its beautiful unspoilt beaches are perfect for having a true nature experience in between dives or to fall in love with the natural world on land.

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