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pen ink well goldWhat's New in the World of Diving  ... a note from Dom

With the recent flurry of diving world news we're having a tough time keeping up  .... especially as we were revamping this section of the website !   However, we've now caught up with bringing you info on the newest liveaboards & destinations.  As always, we've included some news about our seas.   I hope you'll find something here to whet your whistle and get you out there diving !

Bahamas Master

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Sturdy & sea-worthy with loads of comfort space

Worldwide Dive & Sail has bought one of our all-time favorite vessels - MV Yemaya - and has moved her to the Bahamas to dive with tiger sharks, hammerheads and much more ... at Tiger Beach and Bimini Island.   The Yemaya spent years at magnificent Malpelo Island but closed her operation at the end of 2017 due a a change in Colombia's government regulations.  Malpelo's loss is definitely the Bahamas' gain ...

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Cuba Jardines Aggressor I

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Launched in March, 2016

Aggressor Fleet has been given permission to run a special diving program in Cuba.  The 33 metre (110 foot) Jardines Aggressor I accomodates up to 20 guests.   Exploring Jardines de la Reina (Gardens of the Queen) as well as the Walls of Zapata & the Bay of Pigs ... she will be taking divers to the finest spots in the pristine waters of Cuba.

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Jardines Aggressor II

Jardines Aggressor II new opt

Jardines Aggressor II joins her sister ship in Cuba

Starting in March 2018, there will be two Cuba Travel Program options on the Jardines Aggressor II:  a 7-night diving program to Gardens of the Queen or a 9-night program with 2 nights in Havana and 7 nights diving Gardens of the Queen.  During the week, Cuban specialists will host nightly discussions and presentations on the marine environment, conservation, and the importance of this magnificient ecosystem.

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Galapagos - Majestic Explorer

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Set to begin operation in August 2018

The elegant M/V Majestic Explorer is the latest addition to the Explorer Ventures fleet.  With recent approval and permit from the National Park Foundation, she will start cruising the Galapagos Islands in August 2018.  This luxurious complement to the existing Galapagos liveaboards will offer 7-night itineraries to some of the best dive sites in the Galapagos Islands.

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Maldives Aggressor II

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Aggressor Fleet returns to the Maldives with a new vessel

The new 135-foot Maldives Aggressor features a wide beam and capacity for up to 22 divers.   She is offering multiple itineraries including a classic Best of Maldives itinerary in addition to the adventurous Far South / Deep South Atolls itineraries and a 10-night Southern Hemisphere route.   These should be very "sharky" and exciting dives!

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Oman Aggressor

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Healthy corals, huge schools of fish, happy pelagics

The new Oman Aggressor is measures 148 feet and has a 28 foot beam ensuring ample comfort for 22 guests in 11 large staterooms and in all her common areas.    She's taking guests to rarely dived waters around Oman .... waters with nutrient-rich converging currents which delight the species which live and migrate here.  

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Malpelo FEROX

Ferox ext new opt

Sturdy, sea-worthy, perfect for Malpelo

Beginning in January 2018, the newly refitted Ferox, a 32-meter (105-foot) ice-classed vessel, will comfortably & safely transport 12 guests to Malpelo for the diving experience of a lifetime.  Outfitted with space and comfort, this is not a luxury liveaboard ... but a vessel suited to the serious adventure diver ... just the sort of diver most likely to venture to into the awesomely sharky waters of Malpelo.

An introductory offer of 30% off the regular rates is currently available.   Contact us for more info or to book a trip ....

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Solomons PNG Master

Solomons Taka opt

Old favorites and exploratory dives in a fascination mix

Worldwide Dive & Sail's Master Liveaboards fleet has purchased the Taka in the Solomon Islands and has exciting plans for the vessel.   She'll cruise the Solomon Islands much of the year but will also venture north to the waters of southern New Ireland and eastern New Britain in neighboring Papua New Guinea.  The dives between the two territories will be largely exploratory in nature and should be immensely exciting.

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Socorro & Guadalupe Vortex

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Sturdy & sea-worthy with loads of comfort space

The 140-foot (43-meter) Vortex is a  former Canadian Coast Guard vessel built for hardcore worldwide expeditions.  An ideal choice for taking 14 divers to Socorro & Guadalupe, she's being developed by the owners of the fabulous and immensely popular Solmar V .... certainly guaranteeing that this will be a quality experience from beginning to end.  Vortex has recently undergone a total refurbishment and will cater to only 14 guests, offering first class deluxe acccomodation.  With a top speed of 21 knots she will be the fastest liveaboard cruising to Socorro.   Incredible underwater pelagic experiences are paired with topside elegance and personalised service. 

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