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pen ink well goldWhat's New in the World of Diving  ... a note from Dom

With the recent flurry of diving world news we're having a tough time keeping up  .... especially as we were revamping this section of the website !   However, we've now caught up with bringing you info on the newest liveaboards & destinations.  As always, we've included some news about our seas.   I hope you'll find something here to whet your whistle and get you out there diving !

New Destinations

Oman beehive hut

Bikini Atoll
Cuba Gardens of the Queen
Cuba Walls of Zapata / Bay of Pigs
Solomon Islands to Papua New Guinea

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New Liveaboards

majestic explorer galapagos exterior opt

Bahamas Master
Cuba Jardines Aggressor I & II
Galapagos Majestic Explorer
Maldives Aggressor II
Malpelo Ferox

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News about our Seas

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U.N. Targets Plastic
Great Barrier Reef Hope
What Jaws Got Wrong
Sperm Whale Dialects
Why Hammerheads Have Hammer Heads

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Best destinations ... best boats
... best time to be there

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Silver Bank Humpbacks
Cocos  &  Galapagos
Forgotten Islands
Socorro & Guadalupe Combo
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