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pen ink well goldA note from Dom  ...  Technical & Rebreather Diving

On this page we bring you special tech diving trips we know about ... as well as a list of liveaboards & resorts currently offering technical diving & support.    Every operator on the list provides the high standard of safety you're seeking. 

Truk Master Goes to Bikini Atoll

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Truk Master Treks to the Marshall Islands & Bikini Atoll
from May to September
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Truk Master added this alluring destination to its itineraries in 2018.  They currently have trips scheduled this year and next.  You'll find a a choice of 10-night to 14-night trips with a maximum of 11 divers per cruise.  Truk Master will offer on those itineraries a choice of 6 air-conditioned, en-suite single, double or twin bed cabins on the lower deck and main deck.  The yacht has a dedicated camera set-up and charging station with plenty of additional storage for all your extra lenses, strobes and batteries.

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Solomon Islands Wreck Weeks

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WWII Wreck Week .... Solomon Islands

January 22 – 29, 2019  ...  July 9 - 16 ...  October 1 - 8  ...  Standard $3440 / Deluxe $3995 / Master $4400
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The Solomons PNG Master has added wreck-specific weeks to the schedule during which you'll be able to explore WWII history through wrecks and famous battlefields around Guadalcanal.

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Wreck & Tech Diving

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Liveaboards & resorts currently offering technical & re-breather support
See our list of operators we trust to provide top-notch technical & rebreather support  ....

From Australia to Papua New Guinea,  you'll find 30 operators who support technical diving.                                                Click to open for the full list


Bikini Atoll
Truk Master

Sea Hunter

Fiji Siren


Dewi Nusantara
Indo Siren
NAD Lembeh Resort
Sorido Bay Resort
Wakatobi Resort

Blue Force
Emperor Atoll
MV Leo (Ark Royal)

Atlantis Azores
Philippine Siren

Palau & Truk Lagoon
Ocean Hunter I & III (Palau)
Palau Siren  (Palau)
Fish 'n' Fins (land-based diving Palau)
Sam's Tours (land-based diving Palau)
Thorfinn (Truk)
Truk Master   (Truk)
Truk Odyssey   (Truk)

Papua New Guinea
Golden Dawn