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10-night Galapagos Adventures

Does a seven days in Galapagos seem not quite enough ? Do you long for more water-time with jaw-dropping whale sharks, high-flying manta rays & cruising hordes of hammerhead sharks ? Then, why not treat yourself to our 10-night voyage on the very classy Galapagos Sky ?

with extra days at Darwin & Wolf
August 22 - September 1, 2024

10 Magical Nights

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Unforgotable „Destination“ Moment

What Is So Special About A 10-night Itinerary ?

10-night itineraries at Galapagos are a rare and enticing opportunity to spend additional dive time at the heart-pounding sites surrounding Darwin & Wolf Islands … a diver’s dream come true.

This trip includes all the best of the Galapagos – but adds more hours of spectacular diving with the largest and most enthralling Galapagos marine life – with up to 4 dives per day … plus some spectacular land visits.

The custom itinerary will include everything you’ve always longed to see … or to see again. You’ll dive amongst the awe-inspiring hordes of hammerheads which prowl the waters around Darwin & Wolf. Add to those silky sharks, enormous Galapagos sharks, eagle rays, manta rays & mola-mola …. sea turtles, giant morays and schooling fish in the thousands …

Then, too, you’ve got black coral with plenty of macro life – seahorses, blennies, nudibranchs, hawkfish and frogfish. Everyone loves the enigmatic sea iguanas, the penguins racing around at full speed and playful sea lions.

Don’t forget the extraordinary land animals of the Galapagos … the blue-footed & red-footed boobies … the marine iguanas & land iguanas … the penguins (yes, penguins !) … the giant tortoises … the flightless cormorants … and more … which so fascinated Charles Darwin.

Whale Shark Season

So, you’ve been enjoying the unique creatures of the Galapagos Islands & swirling shark life when … whoa ! you look up to see a massive life form cruising along just above you. You’re in Galapagos waters at the peak of whale shark season.

No diver can deny the startling sensation of their first whale shark sighting, especially the well-fed behemoths of the eastern Pacific Ocean.

With the convergence of three oceanic currents, the water temperatures and plankton life are ideal for whale sharks from June to November. A bevy of fish species accompany them on their migration adding to the excitement.

Encounters with these animals are the apex Galapagos moments for many divers.

Dates, Rates, What's Included, What's Extra, Getting There & Away

Getting there:  Take your international flights to either Quito or Guayaquil, Ecuador.  We highly recommend arriving a minimum of one day in advance of your cruise.  Your domestic flight will arrive in Baltra (GPS) from Quito or Guayaquil.  You will be met by the crew and transferred to the vessel. To see the trip details …dates, rates, what’s included and what’s extra.


August 22 – Sep 1, 2024


$7995 for 10 nights

Included in the rate:

Up to 4 dives per day (8 and a half diving days) in the Galapagos Marine Park.

  • 10 nights cabin accommodation in a shared cabin
  • all meals & snacks
  • all beverages including an open bar policy (beer, wine, spirits and liquor)
  • one 80 cu ft/12 liter tank, weights, weight belt
  • free nitrox
  • up to 4 dives per day
  • 3 land excursions
  • dive guide ratio 8:1
  • transfers from local airports (please use certain domestic flights requested by the boat)
  • all other Galapagos Sky services and amenities


  • flights (international & domestic) and airport taxes
  • hotels before & after cruise
  • insurance
  • Galapagos National Park entrance fee $100
  • transit card (TCT) $20
  • hyperbaric chamber fee ($35  … to be collected in advance)
  • rental gear
  • crew gratuities
  • surcharge for Master cabin $400 per person

Important: We highly recommend Dive Assure insurance which also covers force majeure and single missed days of diving due to sickness. Feel free to ask us about it. Further extensions in Ecuador or South America are always possible and we’re happy to assist!

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A Touch Of Luxury

Galapagos Sky Expeditions

This 100-foot (33-meter) 16-passenger luxury yacht was specially built for scuba diving and of all the excellent choices in Galapagos, Sky probably offers the top in luxury accommodation, excellent food and “extra touch”. She has a large sun deck on the very top level, for the sun-worshipers amongst you, which sports a substantial awning for shade. The bridge deck offers 4 roomy cabins with large windows and a shaded outdoor lounge at the rear. Her main deck living areas are spacious and warm, with classically elegant teak paneling. There’s a cozy salon with entertainment center, a refined dining area that features both local & international cuisine and a fully stocked bar. The super-sized dive deck is found at the aft end of the main deck. Four more cabins are located on the lower deck.


Your 15-night cruise starts and ends in Fakarava, an hour’s flight from Tahiti and includes the best dive sites in the Tuamoto archipelago. Depending on the weather and conditions, you can expect 13 diving days with 2 daily dives plus swimming, kayaking, beach combing, island visits … even fishing for your dinner, if you choose.

The itinerary routing remains fairly open but for an idea of how the days will be spent, open here to read a sample itinerary. Every itinerary is slightly different, and of course, depends on weather & sea conditions

Day 1
Arrival at the airport of Fakarava. Welcome by the Aqua Tiki crew. Transfer onto the boat & settle into your private cabin. Enjoy a tour of the village, water sports, swimming … then a sunset cocktail, presentation of the trip & welcome party.

Day 2
Early morning departure for Toau, sunrise at sea, smooth sailing helped by the trade winds followed by breakfast. Anchorage off of a stunning coral sand beach. Plunge into your first dive … then enjoy lunch before an optional to visit a pearl farm. After your 2nd dive of the day, it’s sunset on the lagoon & an evening BBQ..

Day 3
Sunrise on the spectacular Toau lagoon followed by diving, then a land excursion to look for shells, or swimming or coconut tasting (you will learn how to extract the coconut milk that is so prevalent in Polynesian cooking). An after lunch dive and water sports of your choice lead to sunset & dinnertime.

Day 4
Early-morning sail towards the Amyot bay where you’ll anchor in a cove and enjoy your next dive followed by lunch and your next dive. BBQ evening.

Day 5
Early morning sail for Aratika where you’ll anchor in front of a sublime bay and follow the same dive, lunch, dive BBQ routine.

Day 6
Sunrise, then a smooth sail in the lagoon, followed by a lovely wall dive and a tour of the charming little village of Aratika, where you will meet many pearl farmers. After lunch, your next dive plus a swim in the divine lagoon, then dinner.

Day 7
Early morning dive, then departure for Kauehi where you’ll anchor at the reef. Dive, lunch, dive and sun-downers yet again … followed by another BBQ.

Day 8
Morning dive followed by lunch, an optional land excursion and another dive. Late afternoon departure for Tahanea.

Day 9
Anchorage off of a stunning, wild motu in Tahanea, where you can dive and /or kayak, opt for another land excursion on a beautiful, deserted beach, and swim in “paradise”. Lunch, 2nd dive, back to the boat and BBQ evening.

Day 10
Morning rise in Tahanea’s heavenly lagoon, early-morning dive looking for manta rays, then lunch, a swim in crystal clear waters, a tour of the island in the RIB, and another dive (potentially in the company of beautiful dolphins). Back to the boat for sunset & dinner.

Day 11
Early-morning departure for Fakarava’s southern end where you’ll anchor off the Tetamanu village (population 6). Morning dive, then lunch, land excursion, tour of the ancient village of Tetamanu and its church, another dive and/or kayaking. Option of a Polynesian party on land.

Day 12
Morning in Fakarava’s stunning lagoon, followed by the day’s first dive, then an xcursion to the untamed beauty of the “pink sand motu” to enjoy the beach & go for a swim. Lunch, dive, sunset on the lagoon, BBQ evening.

Day 13
Early morning sailing departure for the northern end of Fakarava. Anchorage near the famous Garuae pass (over half a mile wide) where you’ll experience the wildest ride of your life. Lunch, afternoon dive, then a smooth short sail in the lagoon. Anchorage near the village of Rotoava. Dinner.

Day 14
Anchorage near the Garuae pass. Morning dive, lunch, afternoon dive, then a smooth short sail in the lagoon. Anchorage near the village of Rotoava. Dinner.

Day 15
Village tour & your final last swims or water sports morning. Back to shore and transfer to the airport. Polynesian farewell !

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