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pen ink well goldA note from Dom  ...  Our Exclusive Charters

Every year, in partnership with Amazing Adventures Travel, we charter dive liveaboards around the world so that we can offer you the finest dive destinations  ...  at the best time to be there ...  on our favorite liveaboards.  Here's what's on offer in the upcoming months & years .....

Explore the Splendor of Palau's Underwater Realm

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Palau simply effervesces with life

Palau Aggressor II   February 10 - 17, 2019    
Save $600 ...
7 night trip now from $2735

While it may be a long way to go for many divers, the irrefutable fact is that that Palau should be high on every serious diver's "to-do" list.  A chaos of colorful coral reefs, a wild variety of sea life and bewitching topography are the heart & soul of this natural wonderland.   Then, you add the remnants of man's cruelty to man ... the wartime wrecks of our past .... softened by time to exude remarkable beauty .... and you have Palau diving in a nutshell.

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Regal Raja Ampat ... Indonesia shimmers

Indonesia Misool hard soft corals crinoids shutterstock 137133509 optRemarkable Raja Ampat & Banda Sea aboard Arenui ... 2019
March 26 - April 7, 2019    Raja Ampat & the Banda Sea  ...  12 nights ...  Sorong / Ambon from $7560

In addition to varied corals, critters and pelagics, Raja Ampat offers vibrant and colourful underwater scenes plus also majestic landscapes, making it a perfect destination for keen photographers.

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Glorious Galapagos ... Experience the thrills

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At Dive Advice Travel .... Our Passion is Galapagos

Charter dates through 2019 include August through November dates in 2018 & August through October dates in 2019
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Galapagos is rocking at the moment !   The animals are all back in force after a short hiatus during the el Nino period.  We're getting reports that the action is breathtaking.  See the trip report below from one of our recent charters and check out our 2017 charters and detailed itineraries.

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Dance with the Mantas ... Stare Down a Great White

Socorro manta flying skyward shutterstock 436242421 Copy opt
Awe-inspiring Socorro Island ... plus Guadalupe Great Whites on Nautilus Explorer

a 15-night extravaganza  ...  November 9 - 24, 2019  at  $6820   4 spaces available

Picture yourself "face-to-face" with a giant Pacific manta ray.   Imagine your delight when this wildly exotic animal seems to want to engage you in "play" underwater.  Suppose you're a photographer and you find yourself surrounded by mantas slowly floating past, as if on clouds ....  Whew.  It's a lot to envision .... but then add the extraordinary visibility & the intense blue water of Guadalupe ... and hours & hours facing down Great White sharks.  Yep!   Thank goodness for those cages ..... and for the wonderful Nautilus Explorer which takes you on this adventure.

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