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Red Sea Aggressor II ... northern Red Sea itineraries

RS Aggressor II Gr Deals Set 475x425 optRed Sea Aggressor II
from only $999
Hurghada to Ros Mohamed/Straits of Tiran
November 30 to January 4
from $1413
November 2 to November 30
, 2019
and January 4 - June 20, 2020

The itinerary starts from Hurghada and travels to Ras Mohamed and the Straits of Tiran.  Just off shore lives thousands of species of fish in beautiful crystal clear water with coral gardens, historical shipwrecks, breath-taking soft corals, and pinnacles. 

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Bikini Atoll
Truk Lagoon
Solomon Islands
Palau, Philippines & Red Sea

Tech & Wreck

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