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Bikini Atoll Last Minute up to 35% savings

Truk Master 475x425 Gr Deals Composite for BikiniTruk Master at Bikini Atoll
save 35% in 2019
May special offers ... deposit by June 7
10 nights – 35% savings
May 14
regular rate $6150 now $3997 + park fees

11 nights – 35% savings
May 25    ....  June 6   ...  June 22
regular rate $6750 now $4485 + park fees

Bikini Lagoon is a UNESCO World Heritage site high on the list for all serious wreck divers. The  unique collection of historic battleships, cruisers, as well as the world famous USS Saratoga aircraft carrier with its 270m (888ft.) flight deck is a wreck diver's paradise. Truk Master is re-breather friendly

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