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Exclusive offer ... Truk Lagoon

Truk master boat only images 475x425 Gr Deals opt$900 savings in October
aboard Truk Master
with Phillip Alfarei - Tec Pro

October 20 - 30
special rates:
classic cabin $3545 / premium $3595 / superior $3895 + local fees

The time of war is long gone and more than 70 years later, the shipwrecks of Truk are impressive
testimonies to the time that was historically frozen here. The legendary «Ghost Fleet of Truk Lagoon» is one of the most impressive diving destinations in the world   But, Truk is also much more than just "rust": The atoll and its islands offer you diving at the highest level. The water is pleasantly warm, almost always crystal clear and without currents. There is a wealth of species and colorful reefs.
Truk Master is re-breather friendly

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Truk Master savings in December / January

Truk Master 475x425 Gr Deals CompositeExplore Haunting Truk Lagoon
and save 20%
December 29 - January 8

20% off – now $3,476

Dive the Japanese WWII fleet in Truk Lagoon.  Historical artifacts such as medicine bottles & newspapers, along with articles of war (aircraft wings for the Zero Fighter planes, tanks, guns, gas masks, ammunition) can still be found at many sites.  Truk Master is re-breather friendly

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Truk Odyssey ... Chuuk Lagoon's long-time treasure

Truk Odyssey 475x425 Gr Deals Composite 1 optDive spectacular Truk Lagoon
aboard long-time favorite - Truk Odyssey
7-night trip
September 14 - 21
$3395 + 5% tax


Due to her popularity, it can be a bit of a challenge to find spaces on the Odyssey.  At teh moment there are spaces remaining on several of her trips this year.  Join her for an exciting week of exploring the world’s best wrecks.  For example, you can experience the mysteries of the San Francisco Maru where you’ll find several tanks on her foredeck which still look ready for battle.  Drop into her holds and discover ammunition waiting to be spent.  Feel the history first hand.   Odyssey is tech-diving friendly.

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Tech & Wreck
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